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What to do with chicken grease?

Just finished up a huge batch of chicken stock and now have 1-1/2 cups of chicken grease that I skimmed off the top of the pot. I'm not a huge gravy fan, so what else I can do with this? Can I cook with it like bacon grease? Do I need to freeze it rather than refrigerate it?

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      I've used it for potato salad. Boiled potatoes with a dressing of fresh herbs, a bit of mustard, vinegar and chicken fat. It's also tasty in pate, to substitute for some of the butter.

    2. Yes, you refrigerate it. Freeze it, if you want to. I think it makes great fried onios. My dear, late MIL used it as the fat of choice for her delectable chopped liver, and I would have no qualms about substituting it for butter in a French-style chicken liver pate. If i had it around frequently, I'd think about frying pan-fried potatoes in it, but I've never been able to. It's a valuable resource.

      1. I like roasting potatoes in it - oy the schmaltz!!

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          oh yeah, try a search with the word schmaltz (had a classmate by that name in HS, ironically was whip-lean)

          1. re: hill food

            One year for the "under a dollar" church secret Santa gift exchange, I wrapped a can of Schmaltz as a joke. Of all the people to recieve it, a gracious little old lady, who refused to swap it, thanked me, and took it home.

        2. You can use it the same way you'd use bacon fat. I like to save mine for potatoes, rice, and sauteed chicken breasts. Also great for chicken cheesesteak...yum.

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            I'm a little tired and read your post too quickly the first time, because what I saw was, "also great for chicken cheesecake." glad I re-read it; was getting ready to be thoroughly grossed out.

          2. 2nd the potato ideas, show-stopping fries and latkes.

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            1. Griveness with carmelized onion. Your cardiologist will love you.

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                Sounds so good, haven't had it in a few years. Maybe I will make some

              2. omg awesome - thanks everyone for your reply! It's all so obvious now, lol!

                1. In Paris outdoor markets, and most meat markets, there is a contraption. it's a wall of stainless about four feet by three feet, with rows of spits. The spits contain chickens, sometimes turkeys, sometimes veal and lamb shanks, all turning and roasting. I think the heat comes from behind the wall. At the bottom of it all is a heated drawer full of peeled white potatoes. The fat from the chickens drips down on the roasting potatoes. In most places, you must buy the meat in order to buy the potatoes, but they will cut a chicken in half, quarters, or even sell you a leg or breast.

                  Then you tell them you want potatoes for however many persons, and they put that in a plastic coated bag along with the melted fat. We would use the fat to fry up the potatoes. Heavenly. Has anyone ever seen this contraption in the States?

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                  1. re: cwitzke

                    no, but does sound like heaven. we prob. have some jackassy health code that prohibits it.

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                      Yup. In the Bay Area the Roli Roti truck is set up like that. They also sometimes do pork on the spits (pork "knuckles" or porchetta).

                      1. re: Ruth Lafler

                        oy, that'll teach me to read all the way throught before i add my two cents. So, my answer is, I'm with Ruth, +1.

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                        I live in the East Bay Area, and at one particular Farmer's Market they have the identical item. They only roast chicken and potatoes and sometimes pork, but those chicken-fat and juice basted potatoes are just absolutely to die for. The name of the Truck is Roli Roti; and I think there's one more like it, but don't know the name.