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Sep 19, 2010 05:14 PM

spices and rubs you like to cook with?

Love picking up hot sauces and rubs/spices for cooking from different vacations we go on.

Last time in Sd spouse picked up some nappa valley small tin box spices from point loma seafood.
Loved Garlic Dude Dust from Gilroys and was going to order the large size but $25 for one spice plus $7 in shipping and handling boy we better love this stuff lol.

Love the Melindas hot sauces too!

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  1. Our favorite spice store to go to is Penzeys but they're in LA. Nice setup. They also do mail order with a decent catalog. They're a family owned operation and starting to expand on the West Coast. Wish they would come to SD.

    1. From NY (Syracuse, Rochester, and NYC)- Cajun Foreplay from The Dinosaur BBQ
      From Key West The Hogshead saloon Rub
      From New Orleans "Hot Stuff" rub

      All in my pantry, unfortunately empty!

      I always have some Szagreb Rib rub on hand for pork (available in most grocery stores near the Hungarian Paprika)

      Pezney's blends are good, and here in the Chicago area we have The Spice House: I love their blends- Greektown billygoat, Lake shore drive, Mediterranean Lamb rub, Za'Atar, Sunny Paris, I could go on and on...

      1. I make all my own rubs.

        Pork rub
        Chicken rub
        Blackening rub
        Jamaican Jerk rub

        I also make all my own hot sauces

        Make it yourself and it will be much better

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          We make a few Ted reader rub recipes love the bone dust

          Are you referring to the dinosaur line that makes hot sauce snd BBQ sauce as these are avail in buffalo ny

          These others you mentioned cannot be bought in san diego? Thus is what I'm looking for a popular sauce or BBQ that San diego residents live

          1. re: palmtree38

            In San Diego (the 6th or 7th largest city in the US, depending on census reports), we have ethnic markets where we buy spices according to cravings: Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian (Japanee, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai).

            There isn't any one spice or even group of spices that you can say is "San Diego". There are small stores which sell hundreds of hot sauces from around the world...when you come to visit and ask ten people what their favorite rub or spices are, you are very likely to get ten answers.

            If you ask about BBQ...many answers may be one or two major restaurants and the rest of the answers will tell you to go to another state to get good Q.

            1. re: Cathy

              Thanks Cathy..
              WE do prefer tex mex. mexican, southwest..

              I did pick up the Tapatio as we saw it in Wahoos on the tables. Love hot sauces but not the ones called Death and fireball. More good flavour hot sauces ..

              Also Peri Peri was a spice we bought in San Diego that we were new to.. Love it on our pasta.

              1. re: palmtree38

                Plenty of Mexican markets in San Diego. Gonzalez Northgate is at the 805 on the 43rd street exit (from North or South the exit takes you to a signal light and the market is straight ahead).

                There are aisles of sauces and spices, fresh (made in store) tortillas, a whole steam tray/eat there inside area, bakery, produce, meats...

        2. The only rub we buy is Spade L Ranch For beef.Pork and chicken rubs we make our selves

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          1. re: dcrf

            spade L Ranch which store is this available at ?

            1. re: palmtree38

              I live in Oregon Albertsons is the only store I know of that sells it.Or

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