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Well that was kind of nice....

During my shopping rounds today I stopped by this restaurant for a soft drink. I had it at the bar. When I asked the bartender for the bill he said "it's on me" and didn't charge me for it, even though I've never been there before and hadn't ordered anything else today. I left $2 anyway.

I know, a diet pop from the soda fountain probably costs the restaurant one tenth of one cent or something but it's the thought that counts!

On the other hand, maybe it was just too much bother to do up a bill for such a small item!

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  1. that was kind of nice.

    last weekend a friend carted me to my flat tire car and waited while I whaled on the lug nuts (damn impact wrench installers) he wandered over to a nearby fast food joint for a snack and they gave him a two fer. he pointed it out and they just waved him on with a smile. that was kind of nice.

    1. Aw guys that is so cool :D

      There is a really good little Mexican place across the parking lot from my job. One time when I went in there, they had a few of these puffy flour tortilla chips mixed in with the usual store-bought corn tortilla chips. When I saw them, I got really excited and exclaimed to the gal that "OMG I LOVE these puffy chips! I've only ever seen them at one other restaurant in Jamestown!" (about an hour or two away). The next time I was in there, she recognized me and gave me several extra "puffy chips" with a smile :D These are the ones they make on site, so they usually just mix a few in with the purchased ones.

      1. That was nice. Last night my hubby stopped into our local pizza place right around closing for a couple slices after some drinks. They gave him everything they had left - an entire regular pie, and 2 or 3 slices each of grandma, marinara, penne vodka, chicken parm, white - about 2 and a half pies worth total! They only asked him for $5! I'm sure they were going to throw it away anyway but, it was still nice.

        1. As I was leaving the Denver Broncos/Seattle Seahawks game today (Yay Broncos) there were several concession workers passing out large pretzels they had left over. The temp was in the 90's most of the day...they probably didn't sell a lot of hot pretzels! I passed on a pretzel but there were several young kids that were thrilled with a free pretzel as big as their heads!

          That was kind of nice too.

          1. Awhile back I was getting sushi at a small place near work where you circle your choices on their menu. I ordered something from the front and something from the back, and the sushi-maker failed to turn the sheet over, so only half my order was ready. It was really no big deal, but they hurried out a free bowl of miso soup for me to have while I waited the two minutes for the rest of my order.
            I thought that was kind of nice!

            1. i had a bus driver wave me onto the bus a few weeks ago because he thought my t-shrt was funny.

              these are the little victories that don't change your life, but sure can add a smile

              1. There is a popular bar and grill in the town where I grew up, and ten years ago, they started an all you can eat barbecue rib night. My boyfriend and I would try to make it there after work, but we worked long hours, and could barely make it in the door before they started breaking down the kitchen. We would pay the all you can eat price for whatever was leftover (and most of the time, there wasn't much), drink our martinis (the bar was stayed open later than the kitchen), and be grateful that we managed to feed ourselves at all. Those were some seriously good ribs.

                My family was friends with the owners, and both of my brothers had done time in that kitchen, and, as will happen in a small town, I got recognized as 'the sister' by one of the waitresses. That night, she seated us in her section, asked after my brothers, and then dashed back to the kitchen to make certain that we would have *enough*. The kitchen made up another order (enough so that we could have had two or three plates each, if we had wanted), and the waitress brought us the whole platter, encouraged us to eat what we wanted and take the rest home, and brought dessert on the house at the end of the meal. The staff continued to do this for us every Tuesday. That waitress made certain that we would be seated in her section, so that she could give us extra time with our meal as the rest of the waitresses closed down their sections. She would encourage us to take our time and enjoy it, insisting that she was in no rush. Sometimes she, Sarah, would join us for a drink.

                That was really nice.

                1. Hate to be a downer, but the bartender was probably stealing that softdrink on your behalf in order to get that tip. Oldest trick in the book

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                      I know I know. What can I say? I was gonna vomit.

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                        I know I know, this is a happy clappy thread.

                        here's a fix: in NYC a coupla years ago saw Young Frankenstein and after while the SO was asleep at the Pod Hotel I got a hankering for pizza (NYC after all) and went around the corner where a bunch of B&T where mobbing the joint and someone drunkenly remarked I reminded him of Marky Mark (WTF?) and then puked on my shoes. they gave me free slices that really weren't very good and I gave most to a homeless person.

                        that was sort of nice in a sad kind of way.

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                          Not from NYC...what is B&T and the social implications so we can all share the joke?

                          1. re: Sinicle

                            The 'bridge and tunnel' crowd, to mean commuters coming in to the city to work, or those coming in for a day trip.

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                              yes Bridge and tunnel, generally used as a pejorative referring in this case to guys with too much gold chain and girls with really big hair, all drunk.

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                      or he was the owner.....and using his discretion as he saw fit.

                      1. re: fourunder

                        That is also possible. But less likely IMO. ; )

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                        even had he charged he probably would have gotten a tip, no? maybe he was just nice. it happens

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                          Yes, it happens more than we normally remember.

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                          The glass half empty side of things.

                          Thanks for that. This had been a positive thread.

                          1. It was a nice thing to do. One of those little acts that makes ones day.

                            1. I was at my local Trader Joe's yesterday and after checking out my order, and me finalizing the debit card transaction, the checker noticed one item that had been left behind on the counter. he asked if it was mine. I said "yes, but just put it back" because I didn't want to go through the entire debit card procedure again for one item.

                              The bagger told him to ring it up with a special code and give it to me "on the house". Which they did. That was kind of nice . . .

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                                Wife checked out at a local boutique grocery store recently, and when she got home, noticed that she had someone else's bag, along with her's. She drove back over the mountain, and returned that bag. A lady was there, worried that she had paid for a full bag of groceries, that she'd not gotten. She appeared to be on a fixed income, and my wife had her bag in hand. Many thank-yous were offered.

                                Stuff happens,


                                1. re: Bill Hunt

                                  I still believe that people are fundamentally decent. It's the few who spoil it for the many. Knowing you and the Mrs through your posts I know you could never not have returned that bag.

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                                    I agree about the "others," and try to not let them intrude in my near-perfect world. They live in a semi-parallel universe, and I have no intention of going there. [Still, there are days... ]

                                    You gotta' do what is right, and look to your heart for that direction. Then, you let the chips fall, where they may.

                                    As T2 sang, so long ago, "It'll all work out in Boomland."

                                    "Nice" is something that is great to pass on. Wish that I could do it more often.


                              2. That was nice. One time we were in Sioux Falls with my daughters, and rather short of cash for the day. My girls were peering longingly at the display case of a wonderful bakery on the main street in town, and as it was close to quitting time, the owner suddenly offered the ENTIRE CONTENTS of the case to anyone left in the shop. Given that there were only ourselves, and one other person, my girls--squealing with delight--got to walk out with a large sampling of beautiful cakes and petite fours and muffins and scones. They were so happy.

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                                  That was nice, when we used to have a local bakery in town, they were famous for treating kids extra special, which, of course, ended up with their parents shopping there all the time.

                                  On Friday night, my wife and I went to a small concert venue to see a band. They have a decent dinner menu as well, so we ordered an appetizer to share, a second app for her dinner, and an entree for me. The entree and second app didn't come out for nearly an hour, and after it did, the waitress told us the chef was very sorry and wanted to buy us our choice of dessert. Considering the band we came to see hadn't even started yet, so we obviously weren't going anywhere, I told her that was very nice, but unnecessary. She said the chef insisted, so we got a nice dessert. And she got a better tip. Everyone was happy.

                                2. These are all nice.

                                  I was in Knoxville for business and took the bus to the local co-op to grab a few items for breakfast (the hotel breakfast was dreadful....) When I asked about whether they stocked a particular granola, they said they did not, but called another store (a competitor) that did to make sure it wasn't sold out....and gave me directions!

                                  Then, when I got into line with 3 items, the person in front of me saw my small order and insisted I go ahead (even though he probably would have qualified for an express lane himself!)

                                  All of it....kind of nice!

                                  1. I was in a bakery in NJ with my mom--I had wanted to try it since it had opened as it was owned by a former LeBec Fin pastry chef. Everything looked delicious, especially these small fruit tarts. The couple in front of us was picking up a cake, but also several assorted things, so it was a bit of a wait. I was so disappointed--he had taken all of the fruit tarts and the little chocolate cake I was ogling.

                                    So mom and I approach the counter, trying to readjust what we wanted, when the counter person handed us the already wrapped boxes containing two fruit tarts and one chocolate cake courtesy of the couple in front of us.

                                    That was kind of nice.

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                                    1. The lady at a Thai restaurant in my former Brooklyn neighborhood tucked in a free Singha beer for my husband when he mentioned he was baching it that night since I was at a business dinner. That was kind of nice.

                                      1. At a takeout window of a local place, I looked at the menu and noticed that, on the item i had ordered the day before, i had not seen/tasted any cranberry relish. I wasn't really complaining, just saying "huh! i don't think mine had any!" and the countergirl apologized and then handed me a little box with a fat piece of dark chocolate cake! That was so nice.

                                        Usually people suck, but sometimes they are nice.