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Sep 19, 2010 05:10 PM

Well that was kind of nice....

During my shopping rounds today I stopped by this restaurant for a soft drink. I had it at the bar. When I asked the bartender for the bill he said "it's on me" and didn't charge me for it, even though I've never been there before and hadn't ordered anything else today. I left $2 anyway.

I know, a diet pop from the soda fountain probably costs the restaurant one tenth of one cent or something but it's the thought that counts!

On the other hand, maybe it was just too much bother to do up a bill for such a small item!

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  1. that was kind of nice.

    last weekend a friend carted me to my flat tire car and waited while I whaled on the lug nuts (damn impact wrench installers) he wandered over to a nearby fast food joint for a snack and they gave him a two fer. he pointed it out and they just waved him on with a smile. that was kind of nice.

    1. Aw guys that is so cool :D

      There is a really good little Mexican place across the parking lot from my job. One time when I went in there, they had a few of these puffy flour tortilla chips mixed in with the usual store-bought corn tortilla chips. When I saw them, I got really excited and exclaimed to the gal that "OMG I LOVE these puffy chips! I've only ever seen them at one other restaurant in Jamestown!" (about an hour or two away). The next time I was in there, she recognized me and gave me several extra "puffy chips" with a smile :D These are the ones they make on site, so they usually just mix a few in with the purchased ones.

      1. That was nice. Last night my hubby stopped into our local pizza place right around closing for a couple slices after some drinks. They gave him everything they had left - an entire regular pie, and 2 or 3 slices each of grandma, marinara, penne vodka, chicken parm, white - about 2 and a half pies worth total! They only asked him for $5! I'm sure they were going to throw it away anyway but, it was still nice.

        1. As I was leaving the Denver Broncos/Seattle Seahawks game today (Yay Broncos) there were several concession workers passing out large pretzels they had left over. The temp was in the 90's most of the day...they probably didn't sell a lot of hot pretzels! I passed on a pretzel but there were several young kids that were thrilled with a free pretzel as big as their heads!

          That was kind of nice too.

          1. Awhile back I was getting sushi at a small place near work where you circle your choices on their menu. I ordered something from the front and something from the back, and the sushi-maker failed to turn the sheet over, so only half my order was ready. It was really no big deal, but they hurried out a free bowl of miso soup for me to have while I waited the two minutes for the rest of my order.
            I thought that was kind of nice!