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Sep 19, 2010 03:14 PM

Plumpy’nut peanut food to combat starvation

Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find a search function to see if this was posted on this board yet, but I thought it was interesting - a long article about a peanut product being used to fight malnutrition.

The Peanut Solution
New York Times
By Andrew Rice

Could a Peanut Paste Called Plumpy'nut End Malnutrition?

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  1. There was a special on ABC I think about 4 years ago about plumpy nut. i thought it was fascinating...and more interesting that there are hardly any peanut allergies when this is used.....hummmmm? not sure what that means.
    Thanks for sharing the article, i had missed it

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      I would bet my first-born child that it was 60 Minutes, not ABC. They said there are NO cases of peanut allergy in Africa, where the program was being used, and postulated that this is because children's immune systems there function better because they are exposed to plenty of potential allergens and germs early on.

    2. I actually tried Plumpy Nut yesterday. I am doing work with Doctors Without Boarders and they brought samples to the conference. It was interesting. It was like a thick and pasty natural peanut butter with a slight hint of chocolate. To my Americanized taste buds, it was not very sweet and had a little sour milk after taste. We saw footage of kids eating it and they were enjoying it immensely. But of course these poor kids were suffering from malnutrition. The smiles on their face almost made me cry.