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Sep 19, 2010 03:05 PM

Mombo in Portsmouth, NH?

My folks are coming into town for a nice dinner. I really liked the Dunaway in Portsmouth but went to their website and saw that it has changed owners and name. Now it is called Mombo. Is the new place any good? As good as Dunaway? Any info would be great.

Dunaway Restaurant
66 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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  1. It's a highly ambitious menu that is priced high with international flair. If this were in Boston or NYC area it may be easier to pull off. As it is, I've heard the food is good, but the overall experience may not be. Not to disparage Portsmouth, but Mombo offers a sophisticated menu in a not so sophisticated town.

    1. I had dinner with two other couples at Mombo about one month ago. The six of us enjoy trying new restaurants and I have to say we were quite pleased with Mombo. We enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the food. I had a pork dish, my husband had the scallops. Frankly, I can't provide more or better details other than to say the restaurant was busy, the wait staff was good and we all enjoyed our dinners and said we would return.
      The bar area has seats where you can watch the cooks prepare the food.

      66 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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        I had the best duck breast since Paris, served rare as requested. The pork belly app was a loser, dry as grandma's brisket at Passover. Wish it had been as unctuous as the service, which was very attentive. Fish dishes prepared perfectly. For a group of six or more, request the banquette in the back by the kitchen, you can hear yourself talk.