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Sep 19, 2010 03:00 PM

Breakfast and ......... along route 7 in Massachusetts

Heading up to VT for the day next week and starting out at Camelot antiques center in Bennington so I guess we are driving up route 7 through Massachusetts. Any good breakfast places or diners along the way and what else is a must stop in Mass....any orchards or other interesting places? Thanks!

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  1. Hi J&J,

    This may be a little on the light side for what you're looking for, but there's a nice little bagel place with a good assortment of fresh, hot bagels and accoutrements on Rt 7 just as you're coming into Great Barrington on the right side, right across the road from Guido's Market and Big Y. We always pull into there for a restroom, coffee stop when heading up to visit relatives in NYS, and bring them a half dozen as well. On the way home we stop at Guido's to pick up a couple of things. Guido's is sort of like Fresh Market, interesting selection if a bit pricey.

    Nice time of year for a drive.

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      Oftentimes on the way home, I will also drop in to the Cookhouse in New Milford and pick up a Tombo Combo: bbq ribs, 1/4 chicken, pulled pork and smoked sausages plus a couple of sides for 22 bucks. Plenty for the two of us when we mak a salad at home and decent bbq.

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        I am trying to watch my bad carbs for awhile so I am avioding bagels for now. I found a place in Bennington called the Blue Benn Diner that might work. Not sure if I can wait that long though...LOL!

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          If you want to pull off the road, there's a great place for breakfast in Pittsfield. It's called Cafe Reva, on Tyler St, which is a side street to your right if you're heading North on Rt. 7 (North St.) You can avoid the carbs, load up on proteins, and have some creative food. Lots of good posts if you search in CH.

          Cafe Reva
          238 Tyler St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

      2. I'm not sure what they have in the way of breakfast food, but we used to love and stop at the Store at Five Corners, just south of Williamstown at the intersection of Rte. 7 and Rte 43. They've got many gourmet food items, a super deli and a patio to dine outside if the weather is nice. Even if you have breakfast somewhere in southern Berkshire County, it's worth a stop to pick up a picnic for lunch!

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          I would second Cafe Reva and recommend her whole wheat pancakes, which are worth the 5 minute drive off Route 7.

          Cafe Reva
          238 Tyler St, Pittsfield, MA 01201