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Sep 19, 2010 01:48 PM

baby's first birthday cake

We live in Jersey City, New Jersey and are going to celebrate our daughter's first birthday in october. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good bakeries in Jersey City/Hoboken/NYC area to go to for great, creative cakes? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I guess you've ruled out Carlo's, huh? You know, I was in this business about 8 or so years ago and at that time, there were not many bakeries like you are looking for in this area. To be honest, other than Carlo's, I don't know of anyone doing very creative cakes in the JC/Hoboken area. In NYC, there are plently. Just do a google search and you'll come up with tons. Just be prepared to pay a high price!

    1. Goehrig's in Jersey City on Central Avenue

      1. Click on the link, then click on the forum that says cake decorating. Add a thread with your question about your little ones cake. There might be a decorator in your area thats available. Be sure to check them out first of course. Some are pro's, some are just starting out in cake decorating. If someone does answer you, click on their photo link to check out their work. Its a good way of seeing what kind of cakes they do. Oh, and if you do get a reply, ask if a smash cake is included in the price of the cake as its a 1st BD. I'm out of th decorating field due to vision issues, but always included a small smash cake for babies 1st BD. That way the little one has his or her own special BD cake!
        Best of luck and a very happy 1st birthday to your little one!

        1. Some Jersey City recommendations.
          Made With Love

          I haven't gotten anything from this place, but am interested to try them when they open. Cocoa Bakery. They are baking cakes, just waiting on the cafe.

          Made With Love
          Jersey City, NJ, Jersey City, NJ

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            The cocobakerycafe is a nice link but I'm a bit surprised to see they don't cover all their cake boards. The bigger cakes have covered boards but most round cakes in their gallery, the boards are bare cardboard. Not to sound critical but selling a cake thats most likely going to cost a fair amount of money on bare cardboard, seems unprofessional. Not to mention the appearance of the cake. Theres a fair amount of work to make a cute or beautiful cake for customers, so why would the person or persons doing all that work simply present the cake on bare cardboard?

            1. re: Joyfull

              "Not to sound critical but selling a cake thats most likely going to cost a fair amount of money on bare cardboard, seems unprofessional."

              Interesting...I always associate those flashy silver and gold scalloped boards with cakes from grocery stores and warehouse clubs.

              It looks like the plain white boards they use are coated, but I guess you could always ask them to use a more decorative board for your cake.

              1. re: punkin712

                The foil covered boards grocery stores & warehouse stores use, are bought from wholesalers in bulk. As I used to do myself before having to quit decorating. The foil on the boards is food safe, thats the main reason they use them. If its a heavy cake, a foil covered drum is used as its thicker and heavier. If you become a well known cake decorator (which we all hope to, but don't usually get there) you'd never present your customer a cake on bare cardboard, let alone a single cardboard round as a single cardboard can buckle so easy. I meant no harm in what I said, it was just an observation from someone that used to be in the field. Some people that buy cakes from this bakery will not care about the boards, but some will. Little things like that can make or break you..

          2. Carlo's is right there in Hoboken and is a big shop that offers a wide variety.

            If you're having Inidan guests you might want to try a savory (Poppy Seed, Zucchini, Okra) cake. Call Hannah's Sweet Shop, a mail order place about 1/2 hour from Jersey City, and see what she can do.