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Sep 19, 2010 12:33 PM

Food Fads

We thought we had the market cornered for cupcakes, but I've been in the LA area this weekend and yesterday I went wandering through Old Town Pasadena, where I saw at least three cupcake shops. I didn't sample any so I can't tell you how they compare to Georgetown Cupcake or The Bake Shop, but they're definitely here in numbers.

Frozen yogurt by the ounce is pretty popular out here, too. I wish it was easier to come by near where I live. I think the closest for me (when I can't walk to two shops from my hotel out here) is Green something or Something Green in McLean, but never tried it there. The last two times I drove past I couldn't find a parking space in their lot.

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  1. Ya, we from LA invented the cupcake fad with Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, probably the most famous cupcakery in the nation. I've reviewed a lot of the big cupcakeries throughout the nation, though, and I still give the nod to Gtown Cupcake as my favorite, even over Sprinkles (LA), Magnolia (NYC), and anything in Chicago or DC.