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Fat Daddy's BBQ at Kensington Farmers Market.

Meaty, juicy ribs with good smoke and perfect KCBS bite. Best ribs I've had in a while.

Kensington Farmers Market
1568 Oakview Ave, Kensington, CA

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  1. ooh hope i can get there before 2.....

    1. Thank you! Are they there every Sunday?

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        I guess that depends on us. I got the impression they have been there for a couple of weeks.

      2. Excellent! Very meaty ribs. No sauce necessary.

        1. I made it! they were delicious. pricey, tho, $25 for a rack of ribs. but really good, smokey, no sauce necessary. I actually only had one, saving the rest for dinner. Do they have a store? forgot to ask. thanks for posting about them!

          I have two photos i want to attach but don't know how....

            1. Thank for you all the wondering comments. I wanted to correct you on my company's name. FATDADDYS BBQ


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                Sorry Fat, my mistake. I should have taken your card and not relied on my memory. Are you going to be a regular? I missed you this week because of my melon run.
                With the correct name I can now link to you website.

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                  We fixed the title of the thread, so that people would be able to more easily find it in searches.

              2. I couldn't agree more about their ribs. The pork ribs achieved the perfect balance of meat/fat/bone. Not too "meaty," but not too fatty either.

                I really liked the BBQ sauce which was a little sweet and a little hot. The ribs were great with or without the sauce (they're served without sauce)

                The only side I had was the potato salad which was the best I've had in a long time.

                In May I made a pilgrimage to Marietta, Georgia and had Sam's BBQ (amazing), Bub-Ba-Q (merely great) and Dave Poe's and thought I wouldn't have good BBQ for months. Fatdaddy's has changed all that and I'll be back there on Sunday.

                1. Not only bbq, but chocolates, oils, jams, this is a great Sunday morning stop. Free parking, lots of treats in addition to excellent local organic produce, and a great neighborhood feel. And personally, I love those links.

                  Kensington Farmers Market
                  1568 Oakview Ave, Kensington, CA

                  1. Missed him the last few times I stopped at the market but he's here today with a short line and a menu showing priced unchanged.

                    1. tried 2 way combo (10) with one side (potato)

                      -came across fat daddy's at the k. farmer's market. ribs were very tasty without any sauce being added. ribs not very meaty. obviously ribs were from larger animals. (big boned)
                      -chicken moist but not very juicy.
                      -they were out of sliced beef, potato salad was refergerated. tasted like a commercially made type

                      overall, q was better than most. but not the greatest. not this time.