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Sep 19, 2010 11:32 AM

Cape Town: Open on Sundays for dinner?

Hi folks,

We'll be traveling to Cape Town in January and we've gotten a huge amount of restaurant information from the folks on this board. After doing a lot of research, we settled on 95 Keerom and Jardine for dinner on the Friday and Saturday of our stay.

Our problem, though, is that NONE of the highly regarded restaurants in Cape Town seem to be open on Sunday nights for dinner! Aubergine, Roundhouse, Fork, Bizerca Bistro, Carne, Savoy Cabbage -- they're all closed on Sunday nights!

Most of the places we could find that are open on Sundays are on the waterfront and/or at hotels, so right now we're likely to plan on dining at Willoughby's for sushi. (We also considered the Opal Lounge, but virtually everyone who has written about it mentions the lack of patrons, and we're concerned that it may not still be in business when we visit in January.)

Chowhounds, can you give us any information about other restaurants that are open for dinner on Sundays in Cape Town that we should consider???

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  1. As the owner of Savoy Cabbage I wonder if you could left me know when you intend to travel in January. We open for three Sundays over the Christmas New Year period. We will definately be open on the 2nd January. You are wise to book ahead during peak season as you indicate. Opal Lounge is excellent , I went there for my birthday. But I would also add that most restaurants are quite in Cape Town over the winter. Also consider Sunday lunch instead. 15 on Orange do a great buffet Sunday lunch and Wild Woods in Hout Bay is gaining an excellent reputation for Sundays.

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      Hi Caroline,

      Thanks so much for your reply. I looked further into your restaurant, and I guess U shouldn't be surprised: You and Frank Winter get huge kudos on the web for your attention to customers, details and excellent food!

      We'll be in Cape Town (and are looking for a great dinner spot) on Sunday, January 9. I don't know if you're planning to open on that date, but if you are, please let us know. If not, I greatly appreciate your recommendation of the Opal Lounge. (If you can't trust a recommendation from a renowned restaurant owner who had a great meal on her birthday, who can you trust???)

      We're planning on hiking Table Mountain on that Sunday, so I don't know that we'll be able to arrange a Sunday brunch. But we still have a few months until our visit and things could change, so I really appreciate your thoughts and recommendations!