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Sep 19, 2010 09:57 AM

Dareye Hideaway Cafe Ethiopian in Oakland

We finally gave this relatively "newcomer" on the North Oakland part of Telegraph Ave a try last night. When you're in the mood for Ethiopian food, it's hard to resist the lure of going back to the tried-and-true places I'm fond of. I'm really glad we chose Dareye.

The food is incredibly flavorful, and more inventive than most. They don't shy away from spices, nor do they overdo it. The veggie combo was stellar. In addition to the usual items, it came with the surprise addition of things like garbanzo flour blended with lemon; 3 kinds of lentil dishes; an amazing mix of cabbage & garlic; and in the center of the plate, a large hot chili pepper stuffed with some kind of a chopped tomato salad. The chicken tibs had a delightful flavor - and some crispy pieces from the grill that I really liked.

Service was attentive, but it was an early meal, and not many tables were occupied. They won my heart with carafes of water on the table.

Plus it's got a large patio area in the back that invites an afternoon lunch replete with great Ethiopian coffee.

It's a gem.

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  1. We were here twice this summer, both times outside on the back patio. Once for dinner, on one of the rare warm evenings of the summer, and once for lunch. It was great both times. Service was cheerfully provided by the grown children of the cook; service was OK but the place was nearly empty. Prices were reasonable; the corkage fee was $5 or $7 (I think).

    The food tasted very fresh. Someone asked on another thread about spiciness. For one of the dishes, we were provided with a small dish of ground red pepper on the side -- for my taste, it was not needed. We ordered the ground lamb/lamb tripe dish (called "dulet"). In some restaurants this is swimming in butter and far too rich -- but here it was perfect.
    We also liked the mushroom tibs.
    As mentioned by "escargot3", the veg combo was outstanding.

    My previous report (link does not seem to work):

    Dareye Hide-A-Way Cafe
    6430 Telegraph Ave
    Oakland, CA 94609


    1. I'm curious how it compares with Enssarro, my current fave. What do you think?

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        dunno. haven't been to Enssarro yet.