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Recommendations for Fort Collins?

We are new to Fort Collins and would love some recommendations/reviews of local fare. We are fairly eclectic in our food choices, so whether it's Italian, Mexican, Chinese, American, or whatever...we welcome all suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Larkburger just opened a restaurant in FC. I tried their burger last week and have to say the truffle cheeseburger was one of the best burgers I've ever had. I\

    105 Edwards Village Blvd, Edwards, CO 81632

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      Good to know, thanks! Can't beat a good burger!

    2. Young's Cafe in a shaopping center on the 3300 block of S. College (west side) has decent Chinese, especially considering that it's northern Colorado -- a state that is in general not known for fabulous Chinese food.. http://www.youngscafe.com/

      1. A couple of favorite places we visit when passing through:
        Los Tarascos, on South College, has an extensive menu beyond "standard" tex-mex stuff that look really interesting. Haven't had time to try them all, yet. Homemade chips and corn tortillas, good margs, I'm a fan of the tricolore enchiladas, they're great comfort food.
        Rasta Pasta. Yes, it's in the college-bar downtown area, and, yes, the decor is what you'd expect from the name. But they have some really fun stuff, like penne with jerk chicken and spicy tomato sauce, or with a pineapple curry. If you like spice they'll kick it up for you.

        But my biggest plug is for Fiona's Deli, on Harmony Road and Lemay. Quality, quality (well worth the price) sandwiches, prepared food, and bakery. The sandwich board has something for everyone, and the hardest part is narrowing down your choices. The owners are terrific people. And, they do catering! They pulled off our wedding meal, in the middle of a mountain meadow with no power or running water, without a hitch! Just go to Fiona's!

        Rasta Pasta
        200 Walnut St Unit A, Fort Collins, CO 80524

        Los Tarascos
        622 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524

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          Pickle Barrel - awesome, LOVE it. Sammies, salads, yum yum yum.

        2. For breakfast your best bets are Snooze and Lucille's
          The best Asian food is found at the Chili House, they have the best hot & sour soup in town. The Chili House does Chinese and Thai very, very well. Young's Cafe has the best fried spring roll & some great Vietnamese food. Taipan Bistro is also very good, if you are a fan of General Tso's or sesame chicken, this is the spot (they do everything well, but this is my order here). Sri Thai does great thai food but their portion sizes have gotten quite small over the last few years. If you really need sushi, try Nemo's or go to Denver.
          BBQ is honestly so personal when it comes to preference that I wont pick one over the other, but try Moe's, Nordys, Hog Wild & Mo Jeaux and decide for yourself.
          As for burgers, I was unimpressed by Larkburger: expensive & forgettable. Big Al's is good as well as 5 Guys. Smashburger is also good & I think their thin cut fries are the best of the burger joints.
          As for Mexican food, Los Tarascos and the Inca are the tops. Excelent carne asada at both places.

          1. Check out Avogadro's Number. Lots of options, cool atmosphere, good music. A solid casual spot.

            Avogadro's Number
            605 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80524

            1. I have a hundred fond memories of Cozzola's pizza (the original Oldtown location), and have never had less-than-delicious food there. It basically hasn't changed in 20 years. I crave it all the time, now that I'm 1500 miles away! :)

              If you're into that sort of cutesy retro Italian thing, Bisetti's is a good choice. It's a little time-capsuley but in a good way.

              Fort Collins is a super cool town. Hope you enjoy it! :)

              1. I second Pickle Barrel (funky punky!) and Lucile's (Eggs Pontchartrain!). But not Chili House - not at all a fan. Better to go with East Moon (fusion). I like Nordy's for BBQ. If you are new to Fort Collins check out yonky.com for general (beyond food) recommendations.

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                  Defiantly great recommendations here, I'd also say no to Jasmine Garden if your looking for Chinese. Like said before, Youngs is great, Eastmoon too. Nemo's is AWESOME sushi! I've lived on the west coast and he does a wonderful job rivaling some of the great sushi out there. He's also got great oysters- kumamotos-yum!
                  One place I don't see listed yet is Yum Yum's for Gyro's and falafel- these guys are very reasonable and have great food!
                  Also the Taj Mahal for Indian is the best I've found so far!

                2. I absolutely love Young's Cafe. Its Vietnamese/Chinese. The veggies are always fresh, never had anything that wasn't just perfect. They pretty much win every "Best Of" contest. For Burgers, well, Five Guys is the closest I've found to real ranch beef.

                  As a native NYer, Pulcinella Pizza is the best in town. Crust is tasty with just enough chew. Sauce is spot-on. However, at the Harmony location, they are SO STINGY with their toppings. I usually just go for a cheese or peperoni to avoid this annoyance. Please, please, stay away from Beau Jo's "Colorado style" pizza. It is beyond disgusting, and quite frankly, if I want someone's opinion about a restaurant, I first ask "do you like Beau Jo's?". If the answer is "yes", I totally ignore any recommendation they may have as as their palette is really off.

                  Nordy's is decent BBQ, and at the downtown location, there is an all you can eat lunch buffet during the week - try everything at once. Fiona's is OK - some of their sandwiches are "off" though - the taste isn't there.

                  Hey, if anyone out there has any recommendations for REAL Mexican, please reply to me! OK, so Big City is cheap and tasty (potato burrito with either the chicken mole or carnitas), but what about a little Grandma in the kitchen making fresh tortillas? - and please don't mention Consuelo's. I've had too many "incidents" after eating there.

                  I like the Pickle Barrel, just seems a bit too expensive for what you get. I would like to say that Yum Yums is good (I really want to say that), but I can't Its just too greasy, and after having lots of Mediterranean/Lebanese/Arabic food on the east coast, it just doesn't compare. Very disappointing. Its only good for a quick fix if your craving that food and can't get down to Denver.

                  Yum Yums
                  450 E 17th Ave Unit 100, Denver, CO 80203

                  Five Guys
                  1708 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501

                  1. We live in Loveland and eat out more in FC than Loveland. Jay's Bistro and Fish which are almost across the street from each other are both good. Jay's is our default lunch spot, try the fish tacos or the Reuben! I like Larkburger but my wife can't eat beef so I go there when I've played golf or otherwise by myself. Someone mentioned Pulcinnella and we second that. I can't say that I've found a memorable Mexican place in the Fort yet.

                    Jay's Bistro
                    135 W Oak Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524

                    105 Edwards Village Blvd, Edwards, CO 81632

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                      Just an FYI for you and your wife, Larkburger makes a decent portabella burger, and from what I remember, they have a turkey burger on their menu as well.

                      105 Edwards Village Blvd, Edwards, CO 81632

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                        Larkburger also has an excellent tuna burger (or at least, they do at the Boulder location) - it's a thick slab of rare ahi tuna with wasabi aioli. I'm a big burger fan, and yet that's what I usually get at Larkburger 'cause it's so unique and delicious.

                        105 Edwards Village Blvd, Edwards, CO 81632

                      2. I believe Jax just opened in Fort Collins. The Boulder and Denver locations are excellent, I'd expect nothing less!

                        1. Okay - so no one shoot me but for some sense of the Fort The Rio (now on Mountain) is a place for a marg and some people watching. I was there when it was a dive on College with sticky floor from margs being spilled. It doesn't have the greatest food but on a cold winter day a bowl of their green chile and a marg or two can warm one up. Fair warning - the margs are potent and the FtC police are active so don't drink and drive. Chains have taken over but I second Jay's (although it feels a little too proud of itself for food that doesn't compare to Panzano's - Denver, The Kitchen - Boulder), Bisetti's for funky local atmosphere, Young's for Vietnamese. Sad but true is that the chains have taken over. There used to be a ribs/sandwich place on Harmony - moved from downtown??? For a lovely day trip go to Boulder and The Kitchen - or any one of the other great places!

                          909 17th St., Denver, CO 80202