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Sep 19, 2010 08:42 AM

How to fix loose wooden Le Creuset handles?

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I was last here.

After breaking my upper-arm 6 months ago I've decided to sell my heavy vintage Le Creuset saucepans and as I'm now using a lighter SS type I don't really use them anymore. One of them however has a loose handle that rotates by about a quarter turn when you try to pour from it. This has never really bothered me but is there anything that can be done to fix this?

This is the type of saucepan in question:

Has anyone come across this and been able to fix them?


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  1. A Google search shows that replacement handles for this model seem to be available from UK websites.

    Le Creuset replacement handle 64941



    1. Just turn the metal pin at the end of the handle with the hanging hole clockwise, and that should tighten it right up. You can also purchase the newer phenolic handles from LC, or if you get lucky they might send you one for free. ! 877-CREUSET.

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        If the handle itself isn't damaged/cracked/scorched, and you don't like how the hang-loop ends up when you simply TIGHTEN the handle, I'd epoxy the handle on with the hang loop screwed down (oriented) just where you want it to be.

      2. I have that EXACT saucepan (in flame), a large saute pan and a small saute pan that also came with wooden handles (those pieces are at least 40 years old). A couple of years ago I sent an email and photos of the pans to LC, asking where I could buy oven-proof replacement handles. They sent the handles to me at absolutely no cost. They screw right on, and you should be able to tighten yours simply by turning the metal end. You might want to grip that metal end with a pliers for better leverage.

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          Thank you all, I tried years ago to turn it but had no luck, I guess I didn't really try hard enough. I'll jimmy it around with a wooden spoon and see how I get on. Thanks again everyone.

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            If you're not able to tighten it, I'd suggest contacting LC. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they replaced the entire pan for you.

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              I have these wooden handled Le Creuset saucepans and have the same problem. Your post was in 2010, so I'm curious to know whether the solution proposed of tightening the handle worked. I have often tried to tighten the handle but it didn't seem to want to move and I am frightened to apply too much force as we have a whole set and I'd rather live with a handle that turns a quarter way than break it!

              Please let me know. Thanks