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Sep 19, 2010 08:22 AM

Questions About Ordering At Le Bec Fin

My wife and I will be going to Le Bec Fin for our anniversary next month. It's hard to believe that we have never been there, but it was always one of those, "It will always be there" kind of things (kind of like why Philadelphians never visit The Liberty Bell). Well, now that it won't "always be there", I have a few questions about their menu.

Looking at the menu online, I see Four Courses for $80 and Six Courses for $120. The differences between the two are Intermezzo, Sorbet, and Pre-Dessert. Do we get to choose Intermezzo from something on the menu or is it something else the kitchen prepares? Is Pre-Dessert a cheese course or something else?

For dessert, the four course option lists A La Carte Dessert and the six course lists Dessert Carte. Is A La Carte Dessert just one choice from the dessert menu as opposed to choosing anything (or everything?) from the Dessert Carte? Since this will most likely be our one and only visit, I don't want to miss out on the famous Dessert Carte.


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  1. Was there about three weeks ago.Had had a very mediocre meal about 8 months before and thus avoided the restaurant for a while. Was taken here and was not looking forward to it. l am glad to say that while not at the zenith it used to be, it was still very good and we had fabulous service and an excellent time. At that time two of us had the $ 80 and two had the $ 120. Differences seemed to be a mushroom soup, a sorbet, and the choice, as you stated, of one dessert vs. the carte. The carte is now two tiered vs. the three tier monster of past. There are now about 10-12 desserts while there used to be about 25. Still way more than enough. They did serve the people having the $ 80 as many desserts as they wanted, perhaps as others at the table were getting the cart anyway. Be sure to get the creme brulee, not on cart. One of the best l have had the pleasure of eating. Also ask for whatever vegetable puree thay are serving, they always have celeriac in the back and it is my favorite thing at the restaurant and has been for decades.The cheese course is not included in either dinner, but for whatever reason they comped me that night on the cheese course. It was a good course, but lacked the really esoteric items l always look for, but that is me. The iron lung device they use is great to behold. Have a great time, hopefully Bernard, George's brother will care for you as he did for us.

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      That's great information. Here is the link to the menu I was looking at...

      If the Intermezzo is something like the mushroom soup you mentioned, what would be the Pre-Dessert?

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        That is the menu we had, was many bottles of wine to the wind by the time pre-dessert came, but remember chocolate and ice cream in there somewhere. Did not have it on my night but if pear sorbet is available on your night jump on it, actually feel the pear grit in the sorbet, like crunching on a frozen pear with far better texture.

    2. We had dinner at Le Bec Fin for the first time in a very long time. It was my birthday. We could have had the 40th Anniversary special if we were there by 6 pm but our reservation was 6:30. We originally planned to order one six course and one four course dinner but decided to both do the six course. For us there were no choices connected with the additional courses. As others have mentioned the intermezzo was a mushroom cappuccino like soup, the Sorbet was blood orange and the Pre-Dessert was an additional dessert involving pears, a chocolate type sauce and not remembering what else. We were asked about a cheese course which I originally assume was what they were calling the Pre-Dessert but it was additional and once we learned that, we skipped it. I was a little surprised about that because in the past diners had a choice of a cheese course or a salad. I felt the Pre-Dessert was unnecessary - we had a nice selection from the dessert cart - although as someone else mentioned it isn't the number of choices it used to be. Frankly if I would have realized we weren't getting the cheese course I might have just gone with the four courses with the hope they would let us have more than one dessert. It seemed the people near us who had the 40th anniversary special were allowed two desserts so that was probably the best deal of all. We did have a really special time.