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Sep 19, 2010 07:35 AM

Road trip - 2 nights in Ashland, then up to Portland, then on to Cannon Beach and up to WA

Hi All,

Thanks for helping so far with my road trip. I have some specifics nailed down, so looking for: dinner two nights in Ashland, maybe breakfast-on-the-go around there, then a side trip to Crater Lake, so a lunch around there (or if you recommend a picnic, etc). Afterwards, heading up to a stop in Eugene (maybe lunch?) and then on to Portland (I'll check on the Portland board for that).

Somewhat on a buget, looking for local "musts", all cuisines welcome.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. It's about 100 miles to Crater Lake, OR from Ashland, OR. Consider a side trip to Seiad Valley, CA to the Klamath National Forest and the scenic Klamath River. Have breakfast or lunch at Seiad Valley Store and Cafe. It's about 70 miles to SV from Ashland, OR and very scenic.

    Seiad Valley Store and Cafe @ 44719 State Highway 96, Seiad Valley, CA 530 - 496 - 3399.

    Morning Glory has an outstanding breakfast and lunch open 7 days a week. Dragonfly has outstanding breakfast, lunch and dinner with a Latin/Asian twist. Their lunch menu offers outstanding sandwiches, wraps, burittos and quesadillas. They offer take out if you call in advance.

    Omar's has been one of Ashland's best restaurant for 20 years serving fresh seafood and steaks for lunch and dinner 7 days a week in a casual atmosphere. Pasta Piatti offers outstanding New Italian cuisine in a casual atmosphere for lunch or dinner with outdoor seating. Standing Stoney Brewing Co. offers sandwiches, burgers and wood fired pizza for lunch or dinner in a casual atmosphere.
    Morning Glory Restaurant @ 1149 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, OR 541 - 488 - 8636.

    Dragonfly Cafe and Grill @ 241 Hargadine Street, Ashland, OR 541 - 488 - 4855.

    Omar's Restaurant @ 1380 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, OR 541 - 482 - 1281.

    Pasta Piatti @ 358 E Main Street, Ashland, OR 541 - 488 - 5493.

    Standing Stone Brewery @ 101 Oak Street, Ashland, OR 541 - 482 - 2448.

    Cafe 440 In Eugene, OR is open for lunch and dinner and offers excellent soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch. The BBQ sliders are awesome. Steelhead Brewing Co. in Eugene, OR is open for lunch and dinner and serves good soups, salads, sandwiches, BBQ and burgers for lunch. North Bank in Eugene, OR offers an excellent lunch or dinner in a casual atmosphere overlooking the Willamette River with outdoor seating. There are TV's for sporting events and good burgers and BBQ are offered.

    Cafe 440 @ Coburg Station, 440 Coburg Road, Eugene, OR 541 - 505 - 8493.

    Steelhead Brewing Co. @ 199 E 5th Ave # 1, Eugene, OR 541 - 686 - 2739.

    North Bank @ 22 Club Road, Eugene, OR 541 - 343 - 5622.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Wow, thank you for this very helpful and detailed list! I am cutting and pasting into my travel+food grid as we speak.

      1. re: Jel212

        Domaine Drouhin is a highly rated winery SW of Portland. Their tasting room is open daily through October 12th from 11 AM to 4 PM. Private tours are available by reservation. You might leave Portland, OR going S on Highway 99 W leaving I 5 at Exit 294 in Portland, OR. Go S on Highway 99 W for 20.6 miles and turn right on NE Archery Summit Road just S of Dundee, OR. Go W on NE Archery Summit Road for 1.8 miles to Breyman Orchards Road. Go to your right for .8 miles to Domaine Drouhin. You can return to Highway 99W and go S to McMinnville, OR and have a wonderful lunch at Bistro Maison serving fine French bistro fare for lunch and dinner. I would go to Golden Valley Brewery for a cold drink and some outstanding fresh salads, burgers, seafood and steaks. Or you can return to Highway 99W and go S to Highway 22. Take a left and go a couple of miles to Salem, OR for lunch at Ram Restaurant or Schroeder's. Return to I 5 and head S to Eugene, OR.

        Domaine Drouhin @ 6750 Breyman Orchards Road, Dayton, OR 503 - 864 - 2700.

        Bistro Maison @ 729 NE 3rd Street, McMinnville, OR 503 - 474 - 1888.

        Golden Valley Brewery @ 980 NE 4th Street, McMinnville, OR 503 - 472 - 2739.

        Ram Restaurant and Brewery @ 515 12th Street SE, Salem, OR 503 - 363 - 1904.

        Schroeder's Guest House Restaurant @ 4850 Portland Road Northeast, Salem, OR 503 - 390 - 4689.

        At Eugene, OR I recommend you visit King Estate Winery for lunch and a tour. They have their own restaurant open daily for lunch or dinner with outdoor seating also. Go S of Eugene, OR 11 miles on I 5 to Exit 182, Go W towards Creswell, OR on Cloverdale Road .8 mile. Continue W on Camas Swale Road 6.4 miles. Continue W on Hamm Road 5.6 miles. Turn left on Territorial Road and go 2.2 miles to King Estate Winery.

        King Estate Winery @ 80854 Territorial Road, Eugene, OR 541 - 942 - 9874.

        Bistro Maison
        729 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128

    2. Go to JP's at Cannon Beach for fine dining for lunch or dinner in a casual atmosphere. Go to Lazy Susan for breakfast or lunch in Cannon Beach.

      J P's at Cannon Beach @ 240 N Hemlock Street, Cannon Beach, Oregon 503 - 436 - 0908.
      Lazy Susan Cafe @ 126 North Hemlock Street, Cannon Beach, OR 503 - 436 - 2816. BLD.

      Lazy Susan Cafe
      126 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

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      1. re: Littleman

        We,re on our way to Cannon Beac for 2 days and I see Lazy Susan 's is closed Tuesdays. Any other casual recs? JP's looks pricey. Thanks.

        Lazy Susan Cafe
        126 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

        1. re: Berheenia

          Try Ecola for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

          Ecola Seafood Restaurant and Market @ 208 North Spruce Street, Cannon Beach, OR 503 - 436 - 9130.

          Ecola Seafood Restaurant
          208 N Spruce St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

          1. re: Berheenia

            Driftwood Restaurant is very nice and has a great outdoor dining deck. Sweet Basil's serves healthy food in a casual atmosphere with outdoor seating too. Bill's Tavern and Brewhouse is a fun place with good food and cold drinks. Season's has great sandwiches and soups for lunch. Lumberyard has great food and service.

            Driftwood Inn Restaurant and Lounge @ 179 N Hemlock, Cannon Beach, OR 503 - 436 - 2439.
            Sweet Basil's Cafe @ 271 N Hemlock Street, Cannon Beach, OR 503 - 436 - 1539.
            Bill's Tavern and Brewhouse @ 188 N Hemlock Street, Cannon Beach, OR 503 - 436 - 2202.
            Season's Cafe @ 255 N Hemlock Street, Cannon Beach, OR 503 - 436 - 1159.
            Lumberyard Rotisserie and Grill @ 264 3rd Street, Cannon Beach, OR 503 - 436 - 0285.

          2. re: Littleman

            We hit Lazy Susan for a late lunch- wonderful quiches and salad. Loved the place and the owners It's nice to eat in a non-cookie cutter restaurant.. Desserts looked fabulous too. Tonight is the Wayfarer- we'll see.

            Lazy Susan Cafe
            126 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

            1. re: Berheenia

              In fact, Littleman, your information is so thorough I don't even have to copy and paste - I'm just going to print this out and bring it! Thanks.

              1. re: Jel212

                Going to Seiad Valley on the way to CL is absurd. You won't get to the lake til nightfall
                and going to eat giant pancakes in no way compares to Morning Glory in Ashland.
                Yi-Shen in Eugene for Banh Mi. Novak's in Albany for Hungarian wonders.

                1. re: bbqboy

                  Sorry BBQ Boy. I may have confused you. I meant to propose a side trip to Seiad Valley rather than Crater Lake because it's closer and I like Seiad's Valley Cafe. I did not mean to suggest to the OP to go to both places. I even quoted the distance from Ashland. I think the OP is planning a side trip from Ashland to CL. I merely suggested a side trip to SV instead. At least that's what I meant. Sorry for the confusion.

                  By the way do you have any BBQ suggestions on the West Coast in Oregon or Washington. What about SF. You may have to post that on the SF board. Thanks for any help. I'm a BBQ nut.

                  Do you cook your own. What kind of smoker do you use. Good luck.

                  1. re: Littleman

                    Based on some BBQ threads for Seattle, it seems that serious BBQ fans are generally disappointed with the area offerings. The PNW does have a tradition of smoking salmon (hot smoked, not the east coast cold smoked), but we don't have enough transplants from the South to offer much in the way of smoked pork or beef.

                    1. re: paulj

                      King Estate has excellent food, in the Ashalnd area, I would not miss a meal at New Sammys Cowboy Bistro in nearby Talent. It is on a different level than anything in Ashland and we have dined at many restaurants there. If you cant make it to New Sammy's, Peerless is excellent and Liquid Assets Wine Bar is also very good. In Cannon Beach, a new place has opened called Irish Table, don't miss this one, the food is awesome, the chef used to work at Stephanie Inn. About ten minutes away in Seaside, hit Yummy Wine Bar. :)

                      Liquid Assets Wine Bar
                      96 N Main St, Ashland, OR 97520

                      1. re: syrahgirl

                        On the latest Splendid Table show (NPR) the Sterns raved about a bakery in Cannon Beach - one that used wheat grown by relatives.

                        1. re: paulj

                          Sorry for the very, very late reply - life after vacation has gotten in the way!!

                          We hit up Dragonfly in (what turned out to be absolutely delightful) Ashland one night for a nice dinner. The patio was heavenly for atmosphere, and I discovered my favorite wine of the trip: Montinore's Reisling - perfectly not-too-sweet/tasted like sunshine. In fact, I liked it so much that we made Montinore Vineyards a destination along the way! The lettuce wraps were a very tasty start to the meal, for entrees, the hubby got the udon bowl with 1/4 chicken - wonderful, flavorful. I got the 1/4 chicken asian style - the chicken was very good but everything else was very bland, and came with just a small side of typical peanut sauce. Overall, definitely enjoyed!

                          We did only a quick drive through Eugene, and ended up in Corvallis for lunch. I'd hoped to hit Baguette, but it was under construction. New Morning was delightful to stumble upon (many long, long hours of driving makes one hungry/cranky!) for lunch, I delighted in the califlower-cheese soup, he got a tomato basil that I didn't enjoy, but I'm not a big tomato fan (a picky foodie - ha!). It was a sweet little oasis of a spot.

                          Cannon beach was a great little the time we got there we were rather sick of eating out, so scrounged up some provisions at the local store and made simple pasta; shared a wonderful pino noir from Amity Vineyards (smoothest-drinking!).

                          As for breakfast, I was so disappointed to find Lazy Susan closed!! So we ended up at Pig and Pancake, which was a basic diner, but had cute souvenirs for sale.

                          I prettymuch just can't wait to get back out there! Thanks again for all of your help and wise advice.

                          Happy New Year!

                          Lazy Susan Cafe
                          126 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

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