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Sep 19, 2010 07:21 AM

Asheville Coffee

Asheville prides itself on not having a Starbucks in the main downtown area - the scene has some great independents and Counterculture even has a training site in downtown Asheville. I make my own at home but when I want a good coffee The Dripolator definitely gets my vote. Simply put they are the real deal: their espresso drinks rock - perfectly pulled shots, whole milk, latte-art pours, italian ACF cups, everything is done right. They also have solid, strong regular brewed coffee with recently added pour-overs where they use a cone shaped filter and individualize the coffee choice and experience. If you are visiting Asheville and know names like Vivace in Seattle and Blue Bottle in SF and NY - The Dripolator will not disappoint.

Alright hounds - what's your choice for the best place to have coffee in Asheville?

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  1. Dripolator is a good stop to be sure - Also I love the French Roast at World Coffee - and for my to the source caffeine fix it has to be Waking Life on Haywood - If you've not been there go immediately and get a traditional cappuccino. Best I've had outside Italy and some of the best coffee period. Nice spot to chill too.

    1. I don't really have a favorite for coffee in asheville right now. I absolutely loved the Velvet Hammer that they used to have at City Bakery. Does anyone know who makes that or where I might find it brewing?

      1. Dripolator gets my vote as well. If it was in my neighborhood I'd never make another cup of coffee at home.

        1. Dripolator Coffee Bar
          102 Broadway
          Asheville NC 28801

          The Green Sage Coffehouse and Cafe
          5 Broadway Street
          Asheville, NC 28801

          World Coffee Cafe
          18 Battery Park Avenue
          Asheville, NC 28801

          Double Decker Coffee House
          41 Biltmore Avenue
          Asheville, NC 28801

          Bean Werks Coffee and Tea
          53 Haywood Road
          Asheville, NC 28806

          Greenberry's Coffee & Tea Company
          1550 Hendersonville Road
          Asheville, NC 28803

          Gourmet Perks
          165 Merrimon Avenue
          Asheville, NC 28801

          Bean and Berry’s
          165 North Merrimon Avenue
          Asheville, NC 28801

          Caffiend 24 HR Coffee & Espresso
          101 Fairview Road
          Asheville, NC 28803

          Izzy's Coffee Den
          74 N. Lexington Avenue
          Asheville NC 28801
          and 373 Haywood Road
          Asheville NC 28806

          Mountain Java
          870 Merrimon Avenue
          Asheville, NC 28804

          Waking Life Espresso
          976 Haywood Road
          Asheville, NC 28806

          Coffee Houses & Cafes
          1300 S Miami Blvd, Durham, NC 27703

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            The coffee council of Asheville? Just kidding good list

            1. re: Khotso98

              There is also a new coffee house on Wall Street down by Jubilee. Not having been, I have no idea if it's good or not.