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Sep 19, 2010 05:20 AM

Michelin star or high end dining in Singapore, money is no object...

I am going to be in Singapore for 3 days impressing some clients. The clients are really foodies and I am looking for the best of the best of Singapore. Michelin star, high end, best of the best restaurants. I would at least like to try a place that has a tasting menu. I know with the Marina Bay Sands open there are options. Please let me know where to take clients. I am more of the hawker stall eating kind of guy. But, these are the wine and dine type of people looking for the best. Even if the best are usually found at hawker stalls in Singapore.

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  1. From what I'd read in the food reviews here and also heard from others, it's gotta be Tetsuya Wakuda's Waku Ghin - I'd not tried it myself though. At S$400 per head, it's no walk in the park.

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      That's is what I am finding reading what is available online. I am seeing if I can get a reservation. Hopefully it isn't as hard as the getting one in the Australian outpost.

      1. re: exbauer

        When are you coming to Singapore? If it's this week during the F1 races, then it'll be a pain to get reservations. Tetsuya himself is in Singapore this week as F1 is the highlight on Singapore's social calendar.

        I tried Waku Ghin recently, and it was lovely, though I must admit Tetsuya's in Sydney seemed so much more exciting & unforgettable when I was there a few years back. Or maybe things always just seems so much more interesting when we're on holiday overseas. I don't feel like I need to go back to Waku Ghin again anytime soon.

      1. re: JamTam

        I was able to get a reservation for this Saturday. I have to look up more information on the restaurant. I am getting excited. Looking at the other places around the casino also.

        1. re: exbauer

          Lucky you! Tetsuya Wakuda himself is cooking at Waku Ghin this whole week, from what we read in the local newspapers.

          I hope you don't have any problems getting in there: Sat's also when the F1 drivers race for the pole position. Roads around Marina Bay area (where MBS/Waku Ghin are situated) are closed & traffic's severely curtailed.

          Do report back on your dining experience :-)