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Sep 19, 2010 05:15 AM

lahme bajin at zeit and zaatar in shepherds bush [London]

prompted by deansa, i had a quick fly past zeit and zaatar. they turn out freshly rolled lebanese pizzas; i ordered and practically inhaled the lahme bajin. fresher than green valley, but a little too cinnamony on the topping. but thats a minor quibble - it is excellent.

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  1. Glad you liked it! Wish we had something similar in South London.

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    1. re: deansa

      discovered by you on a trip to esarn kheaw?

      1. re: howler

        Nah, actually on the way to Leiths for a cooking class!

    2. Where in Shepherds Bush is this place?

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      1. re: cathodetube

        How far up the Uxbridge Road? I gotta figure out if I can get there and back from Auntie in my lunch hour!

        1. re: themags

          It's at 354 Uxbridge Road. I did it once in my lunch hour when I worked at the Broadcast Centre (White City), but it was a bit of a manic rush!

            1. re: greedygirl

              OK - I'm at TVC on Thursday - manic rush is on!

              1. re: themags

                Not so bad from TVC - you save about 10 minutes walk in total over BC!

                Having said that, it's definitely a take-away place and they make them pretty snappily, so no requirement to linger there. You should have plenty of time.