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Sep 18, 2010 09:07 PM

Best $3.00 desert on Cape Cod

Buckie's Biscotti on 28 in Dennisport has excellent biscotti to back up their name-sake, but the real superlatives must be directed at their cannolis. The regular large shell (stick to these instead of the chocolate dipped ones) with ricotta filling topped with pistachios are every bit as good, and I dare say better thatn even the best of the North end of Boston. Buckie's makes their own shells, a rarity these days, and the filling is both cheesy and slighty sweet. It's perfect consistancy and flavor really is as good at gets. So, In this Hound's opinion, it qualifies as the best $3 desert on the peninsula.

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  1. Here's my vote: Cupcapes, in Falmouth. I know, I know, the cupcake thing is so trendy, but these are really good sweet treats, in a variety of flavors, all organic ingredients, and $2.75 each.

    Also special mentions for a small ice cream at 4 seas (around $3.00), 1/4 pound of "fantasy" dark chocolate fudge from Chatham Candy Manor ($2.75), or a pain au chocolat from PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet $2.50.)

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      All worthy additions. Thanks for playing!!

    2. I agree the cannolis are excellent at Buckie's, though not quite as good as Termini Bros. There is also a case for a Hot Chocolate Sparrow from the Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans.

      But the best is probably the superb frozen custard at that new place that opened this summer. Wow, so good!

      Hot Chocolate Sparrow
      5 Old Colony Way, Orleans, MA 02653

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        Whoa...whoa...WHOA>>>>!!!! Real frozen on the Cape? What new place???? Where?!!! Spill the Beans!

        Also, do you mean Termini Bros. in Philly??? If fair!

        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          CCG, didn't you get any of the delicious frozen custard while they were open this summer? I'd have thought you would have been all over it, especially since they were so conveniently located just outside the Canal tunnel offramp.

          Yeah, Termini Bros is the gold standard in cannoli

          1. re: Dan D

            Ahhhhhh....I'll stop laugfhing once i put my leg back into it's socket.... :-)

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              Sorry 'bout that, just couldn't resist. Cape isn't the only place that needs good custard, everywhere should have some. Have to make my own, dagnabit