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Sep 18, 2010 08:48 PM

Picnic Garden in Edison - Korean BBQ all you can eat

Does anybody know when Picnic Garden in Edison is going to open?

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  1. I also anxiously awaiting the opening. Dunno if i should give them some time to work out the kinks or not though :-P

    1. I don't know, but the H-MART sign has gone up next door. If the Picnic Garden is waiting for their grand opening, then the H-Mart construction activity is a good sign.

      1. Coincidentally, I called them (in Flushing) earlier this week. They claimed beginning of Oct and they said Hmart would open end of Oct. They said dinner price ~$25 during the week and a few dollars more then the flushing place for lunch (I estimate ~$15). I also asked them to put up signs above the meats, since Flushing doesn't have it and it is difficult to figure out what raw meet to pick. I hope its cleaner then Flushing :)

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        1. re: junkliss

          Well, if you're not flushing, how clean could it possibly be?


        2. Does anyone know if theybbq with charcoal? And the adress

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          1. re: el gaucho

            So their store in Flushing Queens seemed to use natural gas, no charcoal. The address, the old TOPS shopping plaza right next door to where H Mart is opening. The placein Flushing was somewhat dirty and disgusting, when I was there and not at all as nice looking as what appears they are building in Edison. And in response to cantkick, the bathrooms in Flushing were disgusting. Surprising, since Koreans seemed to have embraced bidets for cleanliness (I have two Korean bidets in my house) and so for the rest rooms to be so disgusting .....

          2. Oh man oh man oh man I can't wait for this place to open!!!!!

            In LA they have full table service all you can eat Q for 20 bucks...but this will be the next best thing for sure :)

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            1. re: joonjoon

              Oh man have I mentioned I can't wait for this place????