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Sep 18, 2010 08:12 PM

grocery delivery + misc questions

I wanted to check and see if anyone out there has ever tried Genaurdi's food delivery. We live in center city. Or, are there any other/better options? Obviously, it's a bit late to join a CSA ...

Also, any thoughts on where in center city to find
a really good chile relleno burrito
really good smoked salmon
gochujang and kimchi

thank you for any thoughts/ suggestions!

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  1. Actually Phila has a great winter harvest buying club - you order what you want and pick it up at the nearby location of your choice!

    1. I used to use grocery delivery from both Genaurdi's and Acme when I was without a car. I was pretty pleased with the process, except for missing out on the actual experience of going to the store. Food always arrived in the delivery window they promised and my orders were always correct.

      If you keep an eye out for delivery specials and/or order a certain dollar amount of food, you can usually get the delivery without paying the delivery fee.

      1. You actually can still join Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA at a prorated cost for the rest of the season (ends Nov 29 with the option of a 3 week extension). See . I have a half share and I've been very pleased with it.