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Sep 18, 2010 07:49 PM

Where do you get fresh eggs in Calgary?

Last weekend I bought some eggs from Brandt Farms at Millarville Farmer's Market. They were only $2.50 per dozen, and were excellent - very large and with rich golden yolks.

After buying these, it's really hard to justify buying them at the supermarket. I mean, these are just as expensive as the cheap crappy ones at the supermarket but are far superior. They are also about half the price of the more expensive premium eggs.

I will continue buying from the Brandts, but the only problem is that the millarville market closes in October. Does anyone know where I can buy similar eggs in Calgary? (i.e. farm fresh AND cheap).


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  1. Make friends with a hen- otherwise, crossroads!

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Hey John, I didn't know they sold them there (although i've never looked for them there). Do you happen to recall which stand has them?

      thanks man!

      1. re: nonlinear

        I don't know which is which but there is definitely a hutterite or two selling eggs.

        Another option to consider: Chinatown, on the sidewalk. I see eggs sold every weekend on the north side of 2nd Ave, by Silver Dragon.

        Silver Dragon Restaurant
        211 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1E4, CA

        1. re: nonlinear

          another reason to go to xroads eh

      2. I'm not sure where they are from, but I noticed some cartons in the cooler with a "Farm Fresh Eggs" sign at Soffritto on Canyon Meadows.

        1. Another recommendations for Crossroads. My usual go-to guy is the farmer at the entrance by Chongo's (the one who also sells honey & kettle corn). Get the dark, free range eggs while they're still available. $7 for a flat of thirty.