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Sep 18, 2010 06:32 PM

Bagels in East Windsor

Where can I find the best bagels in the East Windsor area. I just moved into East Windsor and am on the hunt for the best bagels.

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  1. the best bagels in east windsor are in plainsboro.
    for a long time after we moved to west windsor 20+ years ago, we continued to buy our bagels in brooklyn. these days we are happy with the bagels from Bagel Street Grill in the princeton meadows shopping center. suitably crunchy crust and chewy inside and so many varieties! the shop is also good for eat in, hot cooked breakfasts and lunchtime sandwiches.

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    1. re: areessvee

      I live in East Windsor. The best bagels in town are the ones in the strip mall across the street from the Fire House in downtown HIghtstown. .

      1. re: Nursemegg

        Seconded. I still have no idea what that place is called but those guys make excellent bagles.

        Get there early on the weekend because they sell out. But the rapid turnover means they're very fresh.

        1. re: Paul N

          I personally like Bagel Nosh off of Old Trenton Rd., right next to Little Szechuan.

          Little Szechuan
          2025 Old Trenton Rd Ste 15, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

          1. re: jethro

            To Nursemegg...I stopped into this location today at 9 AM. They only had plain, salt and cinnamon bagels. The owner/manager did not care at all about our business. I asked if the sesame bagels will be ready soon and he said, "I don't know...maybe 10:00, I don't know." I decided to leave and go back to my local place, Bagel Bazaar, on Applegarth. The location in Hightstown was dirty, unorganized, run down and customer service was extinct. The bagel you got may have been a good one, but I needed more than just A good bagel. Have you tried many varieties? Was your experience different?

            1. re: NJFoodie

              to njfoodie...i agree with your assessment of the location. last week, i tried a dozen (plain, onion, and cinnamon/raisin, plus two bialys) based on recommendations above. my mother would have characterized them as "plotchik". my daughter said "meh".

              1. re: NJFoodie

                I wasn't aware of Bagle Bazaar. Definitely looks worth checking out.

                Apparently the place on Main Street is called Hightstown Hot Bagels. NJFoodie, your experience does not sound atypical for a Sunday morning. I arrived late one Sunday morning to find them out of everything and the place looking a complete mess (it doesn't look very pretty on their best day.)

                It's a "no frills" place, to put it generously. But I do love their bagels. They're exactly the kind I like best. They usually have at least a few varieties still piping hot from the oven, yet they are never the insubstantial kind that just deflate . Good crust, right amount of chewiness and good flavor.

                Their bialys, on the other hand, are terrible. They taste like they're just using the same dried onions they're using on the bagels. I have yet to find a place around here that can make a decent bialystoker kuchen.

                1. re: Paul N

                  running out of bagels on a Sunday morning is certainly not atypical there. I've stood in line for a good 30 minutes only to find no salt bagels left for my husband. They are certainly not NY bagels but they are the best locally. I'm actually very friendly with the owner who is certainly not the warmest of people.
                  I've gone in there at 5:30 on a weekday morning to find the breakfast crowd eating away.
                  As Paul said, certainly a "no frills" place but without traveling into Manhattan for Essa Bagel it's all we've got.

                  1. re: Nursemegg

                    I still say Bagel Nosh is much better than this place in Hightstown.

                    1. re: jethro

                      I'll admit I don't have the world's most sophisticated palate when it comes to bagels. My number one criterion is how fast they get from that oven into my mouth. I love Hightstown Hot Bagels because any weekday morning at busy time, you can drop in and find 3 or 4 choices still blazing hot.

                      I'm not immune to the other bagel virtues like firmness, tastiness, etc.(and I find H.H.B both firm and tasty), but if we're talking about a cold or reheated bagel, to me those virtues are just consolation prizes. A fresh and hot-from-the-oven "good" bagel beats a two-hour cold "great" one.

        2. re: areessvee

          I live in East Windsor and Bagel Street Grill in Plainsboro is definitely the place to go for bagels in the area. Hightstown Hot Bagels makes a good bagel, but they just don't care about the customer at all. You are going to wait and they never have all their bagels available. Bagel Street Grill has excellent bagels and a huge variety. There are always 4 or more people helping customers so any line moves very quickly.