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Sep 18, 2010 05:54 PM

Downtown YYC - Hot Dog stuffed into a half baguette place.

I used to work downtown and loved that place. Anyone remember it on the corner of Stephen Ave and I think Centre St.?

They would stab half a baguette onto what looked almost like a ring of heated sharpening steels then drizzle the condiments down and finally slide a hot dog in. It was the cleanest hot dog, never stained a shirt.

Anyway, I know it hasn't been there in years but does anyone know if it moved or simply closed shop?


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  1. I've never seen this place in YYC, but would LOVE to try it! That is how they serve kasekrainers in Vienna (if you get it hot dog style), and while I don't really eat hot dogs often, I haven't seen anywhere in North America serving sausages that way! I would love to hear more!

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      They do Currywurst there too- though I've never had it, and for me Currywurst ain't worth my time without fries on the side, which these folks don't do.

    2. he moved to the crossroads fleamarket

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        Do you know the name of the stand? (cause there are lots of hot dogs/sausage places there).

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          if he is the same one on stephens ave in the little german like shack ,ya can miss him ,he brought the shack with him .and i do believe hes the only one there that does those type of dogs there.hes on the flea market side.

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            Oh yea, I know what you're talking about... the german shack (can't miss that one hahaha). Thanks so much for the help - will check it out next time i'm over there. :)

            EDIT: Old Munich http://crossroadsmarket.ca/vendors/in...

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              old munich,that name was on the tip of my tongue all night ,bugged the hell right out of me,thanks for the reminder.

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                The Yodeling Sausage was on Stephen Ave this summer. Not sure if they are now closed for the season. Had the hole in the baguette. Great sausage.

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                  OOOoooOOO Yes! I tried the Yodeling Sausage! I know they did the whole- hole in baguette! It was good. I remember seeing a few people eating it on Stephen Avenue, but I guess with winter coming soon they will all be retreating to warmer places.

      2. From my observation there seemed to be many more hotdog vendors on the corners of downtown calgary this summer. Does anyone know if there was a increase in licences granted or something?

        1. In most places in Europe they call it a French hot dog, or French style.
          Also, isn't there a place in the Saddledome that serves them, under the moniker of Pocket Dogs?