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Sep 18, 2010 05:34 PM


`Best places to eat in Lakewood? I'm talking everything - burgers, pizza, ice cream, Shabbos take-out ...

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  1. Well, Lakewood isn't really a very chowish town- with the exception of pizza. Here's my list:

    Best Shabbos takeout: Kosher West (Westgate)

    Best pizza ever: Pizza Place (Westgate) This is likely the best kosher pizza I've ever had

    Pizza, very honorable mention: Jerusalem II (Shoprite Plaza)

    Best Sandwiches: Substation (located in the Exxon on County Line Road) Also, Best Late Night Snack, Best Post-Simcha Meal to Eat in the Car on the Way Home, Best Cheap Option,

    Best Kosher Food Located in a Gas Station, and Friendliest Counter Dude honors

    Most Likely to be Gushed Over by Guy Fieri: South Side Sandwich Shop, River Avenue

    Best Challah: Shloimy's (County Line)

    Best Wings: Steakout (Shoprite Plaza) also, Cutest Name

    Best Baked Goods, Other: Heimishe Bake Shop (2nd St)

    Best Kept Secret: Milchig place whose name escapes me at the moment on Rt 9, behind Zundel Berman, next door to Lipa's. Bagel Spot, perhaps? Really creative breakfast sandwiches, like the Tunisian Sandwich (grilled pepper, feta cheese, various veggies) on really good French bread. Plus, an actual cappuccino machine! I wish I could remember what it was called, though.

    Best Sushi: Circa (Cedar Bridge) Pizza is pretty good, too

    Best Ice Cream: Circa

    Best Butcher: Shoprite

    Best Schwarma: Pittaleh (parking lot entrance across from the post office)

    Best Chinese: Prime Wok (4th St off Clifton)

    Best Breakfast: Heimishe Bakery

    Best Coffee: Heimishe Bakery

    Best People Watching: Glatt Bite (Kennedy Blvd)

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    1. re: The Cameraman

      As they say in Lakewood, Yasher Koach, Cameraman!

      1. re: The Cameraman

        ok! now who's going to volunteer to do the 5 towns list and the Brooklyn list? ;-)

        1. re: berel

          A Brooklyn list would run several pages, I would think. Maybe broken down by neighborhood?

          1. re: berel

            Best Italian: and sushi: Cafe Napoli, they make an amazing pizza! Actually EVRYTHING on the menu is amazing, great ambiance as well.
            Best Butcher: Avi Glatt
            Best Schwarma: Holon, actually it's a grocery store...but the best schwarma
            Best Shabbos/Shabbat takeout: Avi Glatt, check out the chicken special!
            more coming soon!!

            1. re: singingfoodie

              Moving to Lakewood? Or just spending an inordinate amount of time here?

              1. re: The Cameraman

                Moved there! Not feeling too let down by the food...but why isn't there a single fun dairy place? I miss Tastebuds! We also need a yogurt place, like Pinkberry and a pizza place thats open late. The Chinese food is disappointing too.

                1. re: singingfoodie

                  Places that stay open late is a problem in Lakewood. Matter of fact, until very recently, the ONLY food option after 7:30 PM was the sandwich place in the Exxon. Allegedly, The Yeshiva didn't want a "hangout".

                  Matter of fact, till about 8 years ago, there was absolutely no sit-down food option in Lakewood. Absolutely none. Then Pizza Plus was opened, to great controversy, and the genie was out of the bottle.

                        1. re: georgeliot

                          Gossipy reply. Basically Sara's partner kicked her out. Literally. Changes the locks on her. Once word got out, nobody would go and ...

              2. re: The Cameraman

                thanks cameraman! After our sukkot outing to six flags, we ventured into Lakewood for some pizza and went to Pizza place. Not only did they have a gorgeous sukkah, but the food was all to die for. the pizza was terrific, the fries were good, the cookies were good, the mozzarella sticks were great and best of all- REALLY good pricing! And they deliver anywhere in NJ for catering so we are getting a quote from them for my sons upsherin! great recc! Thanks again!!

              3. Update: Best Butcher honors now go to Kosher West, since their expansion. Very fresh meats, chickens, and fish, lots of interesting cuts (Shoprite seems to be stocking only steaks, ground beef, and the occasional kalachel), and somewhat better prices. There's also a butcher that will cut whatever you like and make suggestions.

                There is also a new schwarma place called Pita Hut, next door to Rita's, across from Kimball. The food there is... meh. I can't fault anything specific- the toppings are fresh, the pita is fresh, the service is quick and friendly, but... meh. It isn't bad, it just isn't very good. It's just okay. Burgers are decent, if you like the Israeli style spices, made on site, very thick, and juicy with a good fat-to-meat-to-filler ratio.

                However, it is my practice to find something nice to say about everything- I'm a salesman, after all- and thus I award Pita Hut with Cheapest Fleishig Option honors. They're open pretty late, too, which is nice.

                SingingFoodie, welcome to Lakewood. Sorry about the stares. And the traffic. The lake is pretty nice, though, isn't it? Where in Lakewood are you?

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                1. re: The Cameraman

                  do they have extra freezer space for bochurim?

                  1. re: The Cameraman

                    Nah I'm used to stares for many a reason! I've been to Lakewood often before I lived here...Yes I love the lake and love near it actually.

                    1. re: The Cameraman

                      The shwarma on lafah at Pita Hut is a huge tasty load of shwarma for the $ (and they'll give you the extras on the side at no extra charge even though you can get much more than if you ask them to stuff the Lafah with the schwarma and the extras). The size reminds me of the shwarma joint at the foot of Ben Yehudah Street. The burgers are massive too.