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Sep 18, 2010 04:54 PM

Out the Door - Fantastic breakfast! [Pacific Heights, San Francisco]

Figured I'd pass this on as I've not seen a post on this place on the board. Was walking around near fillmore looking for brunch and came across Out the Door. I had the red wine poached eggs ($15 - niman ranch flank steak, arugula, basil aioli, pan de mie) and my girlfriend had the french omelette ($14 - shallot butter, housemade chicken liver pate, baguette).

Both were fantastic. The poached eggs were perfectly done and set on top of a delicious bit of flank steak, on top of the bread and greens. The arugula and the balsamic glaze really cut the creaminess of the egg yolk and the overall effect was very nice; it stands out as one of the better dishes I've had in a while. The omelette was also cooked very well, and we left quite satisfied.

The only problem I could see was slow service in a restaurant that wasn't that full. We were definitely looking around after a while trying to work out why our food wasn't appearing as everyone else's was.

No comment on the rest of their menu as I haven't tried any of it, but they seem to do a really solid job of the egg dishes at the very least. If you're ever in the area on a weekend morning you should definitely check the place out.

Out the Door
2232 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

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  1. Previous posts by Cynsa and grayelf but dormant for a few months doesn't hurt to jog a memory.

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      Ah my mistake, didn't see it buried in the middle of that post.

    2. Picked up a lunch order to-go last week, after a pretty long break from either Slanted Door or OTD. I was inspired by discussion of Andrea Nguyen's banh mi cookbook on the Home Cooking board, but alas, this branch doesn't offer the sandwich.

      The imperial rolls, $10, are still my favorite of anywhere. Bubbled, crisp, light and greaseless.

      A vegetarian selection, Hodo Soy tofu skins with cellophane noodles featured oyster mushrooms and Anaheim chiles stir-fried with chile paste, $14. The deep umami tones and wok flavor brightened up with a squeeze of lime. If anything, this was a bit too spicy for me but very tasty in small doses.

      The seasonal vegetable side dishes have always been a must-order. Seared white corn with pork, scallions, and fish sauce, $8, was fantastic. I think I'll be adding a few drops of fish sauce to my corn now.

      Not inexpensive, but the portions are generous and the execution impeccable. These three items were more food than two people could finish.