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Sep 18, 2010 04:28 PM

Nishimura --- anyone been recently???

what are your thoughts? i haven't been in ages.

8684 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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  1. Went twice many years ago. High prices, crappy attitude by the hostess on both occasions. Fish quality was good but way to expensive for what he was offering. Vowed never to go back and haven't.

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    1. re: Porthos

      I have been more than twice and had the same experience. Quit trying when the place was empty and Nishimura refused to serve us at the sushi bar and had his inexperienced second make sushi. The bill was the same although the sushi was lacking.
      He used to stand there as orders piled up and angry customers with no food would leave because he refused to make sushi for the tables.

      8684 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

      1. re: cls

        Yes, the good ol' there are no seats available in front of Nishimura tonight even though those seats are empty the entire night charade. J Gold got the same treatment if that makes things any better...

        8684 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

    2. I recently visited this Los Angeles sushi restaurant. Claimed to be the best FOOD in L.A., I had to check it out (29 out of 30 in Zagat is pretty good). It's a pretty modest place when you walk in, a counter with a few tables sprinkled around.

      I'm a connoisseur of sushi, so it looked like a typical sushi bar. The first thing that struck me when I sat down was the price. It was really pricey. I was unfazed and powered ahead, my wallet crying all the while.

      First they gave me some nuts that were roasted or something, they were boring and tasteless. Then they brought out some hamachi sashimi (yellowtail) in some sort of sauce (it wasn't quite ponzu, but more of a blend of sauces). The sashimi was well cut, although somewhat thick for my liking, and the sauce didn't completely overpower the fish - a good dish all in all. Then they brought out a huge platter of sushi.

      Normally, I'd prefer to have the sushi made in front of me to have served it at its freshest, so the platter of a bunch of types of sushi was kind of a turn off. Anyways, I dug right in.

      First I tried the toro (fatty tuna), then moved on to the salmon, then halibut, followed by the sea urchin, and lastly the salmon roe. It was good, but not enough to sate me; I was still hungry quite a few dollars later.

      To sum it up, the sushi was good, but it was too expensive to warrant another trip.

      If you enjoyed this review, head over to my personal blog for more:

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      1. re: OnlyBoots

        Why was it all served on one big platter ?

        Rather than piece by piece as at most great sushi bars unless of course if it was a lunch special.

          1. re: kevin

            I'm not sure why they served it all on one platter; it was definitely a turn off since I'm used to watching them prepare it in front of me and serve me one piece at a time. The bill overall was far too much to warrant going back (I can't find the receipt, all I know for sure was that it was more than Sushi Zo, if that works as a reference for you).

            1. re: OnlyBoots

              You can't say you haven't been warned. ;-)

        1. Chiming in... This is an older thread (circa 2010), but I do eat at Nishimura once or twice a year. My last visit was May 2012. As true to my usual M.O., I usually go on a Wednesday or a Thursday night, and I always sit at the bar and order the omakase.

          In defense of Nishimura, I've never had anything but good service and good food there (admittedly, it helps to speak a bit of "food Japanese"). Also, I've never had trouble sitting in front of Nishimura-san. He has these 2 very large ceramic serving platters shaped like WWII fighter plane wings (proudly displayed behind him on the wall when not in use). He's quite, quite fond of using these platters for orders. So if you order a la carte, all of your food usually gets presented (in stunning fashion) on said platters.

          Meals usually start with an amuse bouche like roasted ginnan (ginkgo nuts), which I'm assuming our sushi connoisseur OnlyBoots had for his first course and found boring and tasteless. On the contrary, I found that I rather liked the ginnan at Nishimura. They are the perfect appetite-stimulant for the upcoming courses. But that's just me.

          Nishimura-san's shellfish are exceptional - the botan ebi, awabi and oysters there are very memorable - pristine fresh and well prepared. Tuna-wise, his akami (which I usually prefer to try first before the toro) is on point in freshness and cut. The shari he uses is moderately packed - I like the rice there as well.

          Pricey it is: Usual bill runs $150+ per person, food only. He has a "no photo" policy, so I've not posted much on the place. (I'm a bit perplexed from bloggers who've managed to take & post photos from their visits to Nishimura).

          1. So apparently Nishimura is closing on August 10th...

            I was always interested in trying it, as some have spoken quite highly of Nishimura, but I never got around to it because there were too many other options in West LA that were more appealing on the whole (for the price). Between Kiriko (my go-to), Mori, Shunji's, and Yamakase, I always opted for somewhere else instead, since Nishimura seemed a little too expensive and a little too austere for what it was...kind of why I stopped going to Sushi Zo (well, the rice, too).

            But I'm definitely going to regret the fact that I didn't get to try Nishimura. In any event, it's sad to see a veteran sushi-ya close.

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            1. re: kyee87

              No need to regret it. You would probably have regretted it more if you did.

              I prefer Mori and now Shunji anyways on the quality of the sushi alone.

              1. re: Porthos

                Mori and Shunji are excellent, definitely agree on that. West LA has quite a bit of pristine sushi to offer.

                1. re: kyee87

                  Another one bites the dust.

                  At least I won't be tempted to try it again, which is good indeed.

              2. re: kyee87

                Thanks for the heads-up. I might make one last trip there... Maybe he'll let me take photos this time.