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Sep 18, 2010 04:10 PM

Anyone know about the BIG walnut on bloor?

does anyone know anything about the new shop/restaurant on north side of bloor just east of lansdowne with the BIG walnut on the facade? I believe it is just west of Calico.

I'm curious.


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  1. I hear it's going to be a bulk food store.

    1. i was wondering too... if it is a bulk food store, i'm excited!!

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      1. re: jayseeca

        The folks at Holy Oak mentioned that the owner is going to run a small farmers' market in the backyard during the summer months. It sounds like it's going to be amazing!

        1. re: eatravel

          looks like it is called the nuthouse
          has anyone been in to check it out?

          1. re: xiolablue

            I did. They have a good selection of spices and other dried goods, beverages and dairy products, nut butters, vinegars, oils, etc. They also carried great bouquets of flowers. A welcomed addition to the neighbourhood.

            1. re: xiolablue

              I've bought a few things from them too. I'm still fencesitting on whether I like the store or not. I like having a bulk food store nearby, but I find their selection a tad limited if you're not white and middle class.

              Also, those unfunctional glass containers with glass lids need to go.

        2. I checked it out and too and they have the good vegan stuff as well as nice honey and paprika and speciality flours.