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Sep 18, 2010 03:42 PM

Jake's Way Back Burgers now open in Stratford, CT

At long last, the little building on the corner of Barnum Ave and Main St has a tenant- Jake's Way Back Burgers. I see from a web search that it is a chain. There was quite a crowd both times I drove by today. Any CH's try it yet?

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  1. Jen, this is a chain that started just off the campus of U of Delaware and makes a decent (fresh) burger. There was one in my town that folded (bad location & economy) with local comp doing it in (Bobby Flay's Burger Palace and 5 Guys (an outfit.chain out of Va) that did it in.

    I happen to have liked 5 Guys better when Jakes was around, but you'll find that Jakes will be a nice alteranative to fast food (hey, haven't we all ate it from time to time 'on the fly'?)

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      Thanks Jake- we go to 5 Guys occasionally, but we'll no doubt give Jake's a try- at least they have milkshakes- my 1 "beef", pardon the pun, with 5 Guys- how can a burger joint not offer shakes???

      1. re: JenJeninCT

        Oh dear LORD....stopped by there today for lunch based upon reading the first post.

        Got there around noon - a few folks waiting at tables (maybe 5-6 total) and one person ahead of us in line. We ordered 2 cheeseburgers, one chili dog and a large fries.

        The order took TWENTY minutes to prepare. The burgers were OK, the hot dog came with chili AND cheese, and the fries were barely cooked and equivalent to a small order in anyone's opinion, I'm sure.

        By now, the place was filled with grousing patrons, as angry as I over the snail-like service. I hopped back in line to order one more chili dog and an order of homemade chips. This order too SIXTEEN MNUTES!

        I spoke to an EMT awaiting an order - I said, "You'd be better off calling in your order next time." He said, "Tried that yesteday - it STILL took just as long!"

        I'm not sure what to say - the girl who took my order initially said that they had been open since last Wednesday. So, I guess you can attribute this to "growing pains", but when the majority of your patrons are complaining, and are EXPECTING "fast" food, you need to stop and figure out what's wrong. There was easily a DOZEN people behind the counter manning the grills and various stations - so there is seemingly NO logical explanation for the AWFUL service.

        I suppose I may stop back in a month or two to see if the kinks have been ironed out. But if not, there won't be a third visit!!

        The prices are no prize either.
        NOT inexpensive for a medicore burger joint.

        1. re: GatorMan

          Thanks for taking one for the team, GatorMan!

          and even though I know you're not a UF Gators fan, I'm an alum, so must say "GO Gators"! to myself every time I see one of your posts!!

          1. re: GatorMan

            We'll be skipping this place until something good is written. Our go to in town is of course Danny's but the tiny little place in Paradise Green next door to Copper (Tavern) makes a decent and inexpensive burger. Family run too. I mean...the whole family is usually in there. Mom, Dad and the little ones. Worth a shot for sure although the name escapes me. Burgers and Seafood or something?

            1. re: LorenV

              Bun and Burger.

              Not sure if he still co-manages, but the husband was part owner of Blue Point Grill.

              Blue Point Grill
              2415 Main St, Stratford, CT 06615

              1. re: LorenV

                It's Bun N Burger!! It is a mother and daughter owned business. The quality of the food is a pleasant surprise. They take a lot of pride in what they do!!

              2. re: GatorMan

                I ordered a junior burger, a grilled cheese, fries and a small soda. There were three orders ahead of me and 8 people working behind the counter. The order took over 20 minutes to complete. I could understand if they were busy but they were not. Also, they were not short handed. The burger itself was tasty so I would go back again. The fries were average. Perhaps they need to get into the swing of things seeing they just opened. I personally feel they have just too many people working there at one time and are tripping over each other. I will note that the manager/owner was personally correcting orders and greeting customers. I will visit back in a few weeks and hopefully they will have stepped up their game. I don't mind waiting if they are busy for a worthy burger but it's a bit aggravating when you are waiting and there is barely anyone there.
                The burgers are comparable to Paul's famous Hamburgers (which I miss) and better than Danny's Drive In.....Next time I will try a shake; they look great.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. The closest thing I can compare Jake's to is 5 Guys, so...

              SO and I met a friend there for dinner last night. In a word- meh. Everything was just ok- burgers the same price, but smaller and nowhere near as good as 5 guys. Fries were ok- they come Jr or Regular- we got regular to share which was just enough for 2, unlike 5 guys gargantuan portion(and much better fries). Our DC got rings, which were very thick, doughy and heavy- blech). Got a chocolate malt shake to share, and was completely unimpressed- no better than the crappy stuff McD's serves. At $30 for 2 single cheeseburgers, 1 double cheeseburger, 1 reg fries, 1 rings, 2 sodas and a shake, its no bargain.

              The wait was very short- less than 10 minutes from ordering to being served. With that being the only positive, its worth driving the extra 10 minutes to go to 5 guys, IMO, for a superior "fast" burger, and will head back to my new go-to burger spot, the Black Duck, for a real quality burger.

              Black Duck Cafe
              605 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880

              1. My husband and I stopped in because we live very nearby, and hoped this was a good local place. Sunday evening, about 5:00, I think.

                The wait was too long -- there were 10 people behind the counter, including a manager, and the patrons were restless waiting for their meals.

                We had 2 double-Jakes (because if you get only one it's a pretty measly burger), and my husband got fries. It seemed expensive for the amount of food. I asked for something other than American cheese, and she said they had cheddar, so they put my order in as a double-Jake with cheese, as opposed to my husband's double cheeseburger. They had the same cheese. If it was cheddar, I couldn't tell.

                We didn't eat till we got home, so things weren't too warm, and that might have affected our reaction -- I'm trying to be fair. The fries were less than mediocre. The burgers were small, dry, and not tasty. I'm not a big complainer, but I actually gave the last third of mine to the dog. We make a much better burger on our own barbecue at home -- thicker, juicier, and fresher.

                I don't think I'll bother to give it another chance.

                1. Grabbed lunch for the family on Saturday. Kids enjoyed the grilled cheese which was made from burger bun bottoms so it was round instead of the typical square. Wife and I each ordered burgers and fries. Fries were OK, if a bit salty. I got a double with bacon and chili. Burgers are tiny for one and they were dry and looked a bit like ground grizzle in places. Not bad...but nothing out of the ordinary either. And the chili? Better than Danny's? Please. It had ZERO heat and the flavor was pretty meh as well. Only benefit it had was adding some moisture to the burgers. Prices were OK but the wife said the wait was a bit much considering how many people they had working there. Overall it's OK but it won't be the go to for "fast food" in town no doubt.