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Sep 18, 2010 12:27 PM

Good Italian in South Nassau?

My daughter wants to go out for Italian for her birthday. We're new to the area. She is seven but she wants a little dressup, not necessarily a kids place but not too fancy/expensive. Prefer in Valley Stream, Hewlett, Lynbrook, East Rockaway, etc...

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  1. Stella's in Floral Park is very good traditional red sauce italian. Should be close to what your looking for.

    1. rockville centre has some very good places. my favorite is here-

      the nice thing about the place is you can go plain or fancy. lots of choices. i have been there many times with small and larger parties and everyone always enjoyed it.

      1. Rockville Center does have some good places & I love Blue Moon on Park Ave. It reminds me of the good father. Its not overly formal, I believe they have paper tablecloths which your daughter might like to doodle on like mine does, but food is always great. Their salads are big enough to share, plus there are a few great ice cream places nearyby for dessert.

        A good family style place, if you're looking for that, is La Parma in Oceanside.

        Good luck & happy bday to your lil one!