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Williamsburg Virginia Restaurants

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What's best and why?

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  1. You should probably consider posting this on a different board than DC/Baltimore, which are about 3 and 4 hours distant, respectively, from your destination.

    1. I was there in 2003 and 2005 so my recommendations would be outdated.

      1. I love Opus 9 and make a point of going there to visit when I am in the area visiting my parents.

        Why are they so great? I have always really enjoyed the service and atmosphere, and while relatively basic, everything I've had from their menu has been outstanding.

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          Went to Opus 9 two weeks ago was one of the worse meals I have had anywhere. Seated in a cold corner of restaurant my steak overcooked wife's steak very under cooked. When we talked to the manager he could have cared less. We were not the only table in the section that complained about food and service. Never again.

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            I hate to hear that -- I hope that you were just there on an off night, and that some cataclysmic change hasn't happened since I was last there!

            I will admit that I am a novice chowhound, so I'm sure that I've got some room to mature in my culinary preferences.

        2. The Green Leafe near the William and Mary football field. Why? The sandwiches are good, but the beer on tap is great! Large pitchers as well.

          1. Greenleafe does have a killer beer selection. We had a great lunch at Blue Talon Bistro a couple weeks ago. Casual french menu, but done very well. I reported on our dining in another thread titled Williamsburg Help.

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              We love the large pitcher of hefeweizen at Greenleafe!

            2. Live in Williamsburg and frequently visit area restaurants. In the Merchant's Square area near Colonial Williamsburg, there are 4 places I would recommend - The Fat Canary and adjacent Cheese Shop for fine dining and great sandwiches and prepared takeout, respectively, the Trellis for American Regional, Blue Talon Bistro for classic french bistro fare in an upscale environment, and Berret's for seafood. There are also a couple of places in or near the New Town development - Cneter Street Grill, Buon Amici (Italian), and Thaijindesu (newly opened sushi and Thai - second location of a great restaurant in Newport News). Nearby is Baker's Crust, a good choice for lunch with its extensive sandwich and beer selections. Newly opened in the Monticello Shopping Center is Moon Asian Bistro, a pleasant surprise featuring upscale atmosphere, nice service, an innovative sushi and Asian menu, and a great kitchen. I also like a local, one location Italian place, Giuseppi's on Old Towne Road near the Premium Outlet mall. Out Route 60 near Busch Gardens are an excellent decades-old French Restaurant, Le Yaca, and across the road from it a nice Thai place, Emerald, and another quality local Italian offering, Maurizio's. Near the College of William and Mary, many people like Paul's deli for reasonably priced good food and the Green Leaf Cafe for its good food and excellent selection of draft and bottled beer. That should get you started. There are plenty of good dining alternatives in Williamsburg now - far more than a few years ago for those who haven't been here in awhile.

              Fat Canary
              410 Duke of Gloucester St, Williamsburg, VA 23185

              Le Yaca
              1915 Pocahontas Trail, Williamsburg, VA 23185-5663

              Blue Talon Bistro
              516 S Henry St, Williamsburg, VA 23185

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                That's about as complete as it gets. Covers my favs.