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Sep 18, 2010 11:34 AM

Ideas for cake contest?

So in a few weeks I'll be taking part in a cake contest to raise money for breast cancer. I want to go all out this year and I need some ideas (especially for cake flavors). They choose winners for best appearance, best flavor, and best overall. The contest is being held at a dental school, so decoration can be cancer or teeth related.

Does anyone have any ideas for cake flavor/filling/frosting combinations?

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  1. Pina Colada .........Think Pineapple juice, rum, coconut etc.


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    1. re: Uncle Bob

      Funny, that was my first thought too! But considering it's a fundraiser for breast cancer maybe strawberry or raspberry, something along the pink theme. You could decorate with white chocolate teeth or try to make some pink marzipan toothbrushes if you have the skills!

    2. Serious cake, make this lemon layer cake w/ lemon curd and mascarpone frosting. It's amazing. Pipe rosettes on the top, use a cake comb for the sides and then tie a pink ribbon around it, sprinkle pink sugar on top. I've done it with meyer lemon and with lime and both were great.

      Or for fun, make this cannibul cake, but with teeth:

      With this recipe for double chocolate layer cake:

      Use a raspberry filling in between.

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        The cannibal cake is hilarious. How do you think they got the mouth to stay open like that?!

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          They probably use a hard form, like a cakeboard type approach. If you are doing it with teeth, you can use a wedge of cake and put the teeth on the outside with fondant. Think tipsy turvey cakes.

      2. Tint a rose water pound cake light pink and serve it with pistachio cream frosting.
        Oh my goodness is that a good cake! Good luck with the contest & important cause.

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          This made me think of the Persian Love Cake from Epicurious... if you use the suggested candied rose petals, it would look very pretty and appropriate.

        2. What a lovely gesture!

          So here's what I'm thinking. Since certain foods have been determined to prevent cancer and tooth decay, it might be interesting to incorporate those into your cake. Carrots are recommended for prevention in both instances so a Carrot cake might be a good idea. Recent research has shown that figs contain an ingredient that is known to shrink tumours so they might be a good addition...perhaps a filling of fig jam. Certain nuts contain anti-oxidents so they could also be a good addition. Instead of a traditional cream cheese frosting, what about doing a drizzle of honey, orange, and anise. GIven that there's an appearance component to the judging, you could use whole, fresh figs on top. I think they'd look fabulous with the drizzle.

          1. Smore cakes are popular. I have a recipe if you are interested as are any play on childhood favorites right now. Also, plays on candy bars or girl scout cookies

            I love making 3D cakes. I can see a really cute cake - round with great big fondant toothy smiles on the side - maybe one with braces.

            Mousse cakes are also easier than they look but very impressive. You can use transfer sheets on a chocolate wrap.

            you can make a pink champagne cake (pink and celebration). Top with a champagne class

            If you aren't skilled with fondant or piping think about props, coat the sides with chopped nuts, coconut, crumbs, macarons (homemade or bought), candies, trim borders with candy , draegees, simple fondant designs cut out with cookie cutters, or even royal frosting decorated tooth cookies ( etc.