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Sep 18, 2010 10:57 AM

UWS rejoice! Grand Sichuan coming to Amsterdam


Saw this outside of where Shark Bar was on Amsterdam and 75th. Could it be that the UWS will finally have good Chinese?

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    The Grand Sich folks are pretty variable though, so it will be very interesting to see what chefs are working at the UWS location. Very promising, though! I can already taste the little pickled black beans...

    1. Edible Chinese in UWS? You must be kidding! :)

      I am very happy to hear this! UWS just gets better and better :)

      1. Many (40-45?) years ago the only decent Chinese food outside of Chinatown were on the Upper West Side. They had the only Hunam and Szechuan Restaurants in Manhattan and two extraordinary Shanghai restaurants on Broadway near 125th St. I still miss those Shanghai restaurants.

        1. DOING A JIG!!!! 4 blocks from my apartment. missed the sign b/c i was in san fran for the week. yay!!!! thanks for letting us know.

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              UPN? uh-oh. please remind me what this. i know i will feel like an idiot when you do but i'm clueless at the moment. been traveling too much i guess. : /

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                Una Pizza...Anthony Mangieri's place. It just opened in SF.

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                  unfortunately not. uggh. i wound up traveling nonstop and focusing less on food. yes, that killed me but there were lots of places i wanted to see with very little time . scala is really the only place i'd recommend in the bay area. i may post something on the san fran board so we don't go off topic here. i also owe a review on the toronto page from last spring.

          1. Cottage will run them out of business!!!!

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              i finally ate at Cottage the other night after having given up on China Fun and Ollie's. the pork dumplings were good, but the lo mein left a lot to be desired, as did the General Ching's Chicken. everything was greasy and nothing was worth returning for. all the free wine in the world can't fix bad food.

              China Fun
              246 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023

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                I think he/she must be sarcastic. Has to be.