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Sep 18, 2010 10:19 AM

Breakfast in Seattle?

We'll be heading to Seattle tonight for a couple of days and are looking fir some good breakfast recommendations.


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  1. "Tom's Big Breakfast" at LOLA; Sazerac for their spicy approach to greeting the day. (Don't miss their killer Bloody Marys.) For the best ever biscuits and gravy, Emmer & Rye at the top of Queen Anne Hill. (Check their hours, it may be weekends only.) Brunch at the Kingfish Cafe (weekends only) for biscuits that look like sculptures and taste like heaven. During the week, amble into Lowell's at the Market and start with beer and tomato juice so you'll look like a regular by the time your food comes...

    1. Brown Bag. Huge portions. Hearty fare.

      Maltby Cafe. Yummmm. Heart attack on a plate.

      Maltby Cafe
      8809 Maltby Rd, Snohomish, WA 98296

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      1. re: firecracker

        Maltby cafe is not worth the drive. It is passable for seattle breakfasts but will not impress out of towners.

        Lola, Tilicum, or brunch at A Caprice Kitchen are my reccs.

        2000 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

        Tilicum Place Cafe
        407 Cedar St, Seattle, WA 98121

        A Caprice Kitchen
        1418 NW 70th Street, Seattle, WA 98117

        1. re: wallyz

          I forgot about Lola. Breakfast is the only meal they do well, but some of the offerings are delicious!

          1. re: firecracker

            There's just too much attitude at Lola. Half the time breakfast comes out luke warm. I don't know of a great place downtown but I find that Urbane in the Hyatt is consistently better.

      2. Tilikum Place Cafe on Cedar Street. Late breakfast on weekdays, call to make sure they open.

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        1. re: Bethwick

          YES! Tilikum Place Cafe on Cedar Street and 5th. in belltown has a great breakfast. a hidden gem, everything on the menu is delish. another good menu i like is Portage Bay Cafe, large portions and all fresh new items weekly, a few locations in seattle. Lola's and Geraldine’s Counter is always good.

          Portage Bay Cafe
          4130 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

          1. re: mikeeatsalot

            Think the OP was coming to our fair city in September or October. Hope he/she found your Portage Bay Cafe, Mike. I like it too!

            Portage Bay Cafe
            4130 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

            1. re: firecracker

              SO found Portage Bay Cafe (on Terry) online while visiting Seattle last weekend. My breakfast (below) was one of the top meals I ate there.

              Short Rib Breakfast Sandwich
              Braised Painted Hills beef boneless short ribs, served on a
              homemade English muffin with sheeps-milk feta cheese, a
              sunny-side up egg* and a slice of tomato. 11

              1. re: melpy

                This trip I will be downtown without a car, so I will catch Portage Bay next time. The Short Rib Breakfast sandwich sounds like a Bucket List product. Thanks so much.

                Portage Bay Cafe
                4130 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

                1. re: Victor Lieberman

                  I had no car. I took 1 bus (don't remember the number) and walked a block or two. Very easy to access. I was staying on 4th and Spring.

                  1. re: Victor Lieberman

                    There are multiple locations I think I went to the one on Terry St.

          2. Breakfast is not the sort of thing you'd ordinarily drive miles and miles for, so this is hard to answer without some clue about where you will be and what you like (and not).
            I'll just give you Voula's, Pete's Egg Nest, Beth's, Lola, and Pancake Chef and wish you luck.

            Pancake Chef
            15215 Military Rd S, Seatac, WA 98188

            1. What's your style, Tonig? What time of day was your best breakfast? You like dives/greasy spoons? Edgy? Linen or gum under? Are you the kind that wants an ambiance calculated to get high prices and swooning endorsements on this kind of Board? Answers'd help get you answered.