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Fritzy's in Howell is closing

Went to dinner at Fritzy's for my birthday- the waitress told me they are closing on October 1. New owners are re-doing entire restaurant, and then it will re-open as an Italian restaurant. With the Castle, the Hofbrauhaus, and now Fritzy's gone, where else is there still good German food?

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  1. The Little Kraut in Red Bank is the only German place I know. I've never been, and I'm not 100% positive it's still open, though.

    Little Kraut
    115 Oakland St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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      Little Kraut has been closed for years. It is now the Oakbridge Tavern.

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        The Oakbridge Tavern has also closed. Here is the web release: http://www.123bsc.com/documents/close...

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          Will be taken over by San Remo, currently on Newman Springs Road off of Rt. 35. -

          "San Remo’s current home of fourteen years will become a seafood and Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, says owner Giovanni Bougdour. “I’m changing the whole style, the whole thing, everything” he says."

          I have to admit to being more interested in the opening of the Mediterranean seafood place than the relocation of, although good, still just another local Italian restaurant.

    2. Winckleman's ( lakewood), Huller's Black Forest (jackson), and now Fritzy's....sad!

      1. RIP - we were customers of Fritzy's going back to his RT 516 days in Old Bridge over 25 years ago.

        1. I believe the Black Forest Inn in Stanhope is still going strong:


          And for some NJ residents Killmeyer's on Staten island isn't too far:


          1. Nuremberg -------- in Staten Island, near the old, St. Vincents Hospital, has excellent German food. It is owned, by the original, chef of Killmeyers.

            1. There is a small but good new German Restaurant in Allentown called The Alps. Also there is the Blue Danube in Trenton. I don't know why German places are falling like flies, they always seem popular and we have enough Italian places to choke a horse. Blecch. My father, who is Austrian and loves the treat of having "home cooking" will be disappointed!

              Blue Danube Restaurant
              538 Adeline St, Trenton, NJ 08611

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                The Alps in Allentown, NJ is closed.

              2. I think the German/American Club in Hamilton/Robbinsville is open to the public for dinner on some nights. You might want to drop them a line or call. See http://www.gakclub.org/

                1. There's also a German restaurant in Wrightstown near Ft. Dix. I've never been there but you might want to give them a try. See http://www.enjoysebastians.com/

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                    Even Hullers Black Forest Butcher is now long Gone in Jackson & Winckelmans in Lakewood...
                    thats said heres a few I found....


                  2. The fairly new Pisnerhaus in Hoboken is the closest you'll find to an authentic brauhaus as in Germany, also the Black Forest in Stanhope........Schneiders in Avon by the sea....
                    Kirkers in Hawthorne