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Sep 18, 2010 09:27 AM

tallulah - birmingham, mi

Excellent addition to Birmingham's restaurant scene. Dare say, its the best restaurant in dtown Birmingham. Simple fare, local ingredients. The prices were reasonable as well.

Ambiance: We sat outside, so it was the typical Birmingham parking spot converted into a dining area. Nothing special there. The service was excellent

Food: We started with roasted artichokes with a very tasty alioli. Well seasoned without being overbearing on any particular flavor.

My entree was their special of the day: roasted pheasant. OMG good. Kept some of the gamey flavor, but tasting like the bird. Moist, tender, slightly chewey like birds are supposed to be. Crisp skin. deelish.

Wine: My palate is sophisticated enough to comment on this, but the bottle we had was decent. *shrug*.


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  1. So what's the price point on this? Interested in getting there.

    1. I agree... this is probably my favorite Birmingham restaurant. Wine by the glass is a little pricey, but food and wine by the bottle are reasonable. The atmosphere is great - especially the outdoor seating during the warmer months.

      1. Their prices aren't on the website, so I have the same question as berkleybabe. But, donbui82 has got my curiousity up, regardless of price. Thanks, can't wait to check it out!!!

        (I love how limited the menu is kept...not trying to do 50 things excellently...just a few things, so quality and freshness can be managed)

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          The prices aren't terrible. Entrees, IIRC, run from 15-30. I think my pheasant was a tad more expensive, but I don't know what market prices on the bird are.

          I totally agree with vtombrown about the non-bistro menu. Do a few things well instead of spreading yourself out. They have about as many daily specials as menu items, which to me, is indicative of a fresh, revolving selection.


        2. in town on business and just had an excellent meal at Tallulah on the strength of this recommendation. House-made venison sausage may have been the highlight, but also had a good hearty gnocci w/butternut squash, brown butter and sliced chestnut. Nice ambience, good waitstaff---just a solid place all around. I'll definitely be back when in the area. BTW, I got out for $51 including tip, but just had one glass of an inexpensive malbec. Thanks for steering me there.

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            Sunday Brunch bump

            Stopped by for breakfast before my girlfriend and I started our Sunday. Sparse crowd at 11:30, but picked up exponentially afterwards. The Live band (cello and bass guitar) didn't show up till noon. Again, great, great atmosphere. We just love the feel of the place. We were bummed that they didn't serve us booze before noon, but we made up in Peach Bellinis after that.

            Food: She had the "Talullah" breakfast. scrambled Eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, toast, and bacon. I had the land benedict. Both very reasonably priced. Each entree was ~10. Shared a fruit platter. Two bites in our respective meals, reconfirmed why we keep on coming back to this place. Absolutely fantastic. Her eggs were light, fluffy with the prerequisite light herbs. Sausage was a touch too salty, but good textures and flavor for breakfast sausage. Bacon. Oh I heart thee. To the dismay of my cardiologist I could've eaten ten pounds of that stuff. Fresh strawberry marmalade accompanied the toast and she looked very content. My favorite part of her dish were the potatoes. Tossed with onions and green peppers. What amazes me about this place is how distinctive and bright they can make each flavor. very, very good.

            My Benedict had smoked chicken, hollandaise sauce, poached egg, watercress on a english muffin. Perfectly poached egg. I don't really like hollandaise sauce, but it was invisible and innocuous enough. The chicken was tender and soft. The watercress actually pulled it all together. Sharp and bitter while being crisp. It gave the sandwich a great balance. Would order again.

            Fruit: My asian sensiblities would normally scoff at ordering a four dollar fruit platter. But goddamn; that fruit was good. honey crisp apples, pears, pineapple, and strawberries. All firm, sweet, luscious, and again, bright.

            My only regret? Not going there last night. They had the menu still up on a chalkboard. Prime Rib or pan-roasted lobster tail over risotto were the specials. As a I side? Chanterlles. OMG. yummy.

            Overall, I'd go again. The 248 is blessed a large number of excellent breakfast choices. Toast x2, Fly Trap, OHOP, Club Bart, Whistle Stop, Recipes. We can add Talullah to the list.


            Fly Trap Restaurant
            22950 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220

            Club Bart
            22726 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220

            1. re: donbui82

              Ended up at Tallulah last night. Wife decided to take the kid to Bible study and was running late, so they got KFC on the way. High time for me to belly up to a bar for beers and a bite in Birmingham. I hope that doesn’t make my nice family sound dysfunctional… I’ve long wanted to try Barrio Taco & Tequila restaurant because of their interesting menu, though I share folks’ skepticism about Mexican in Birmingham. Unfortunately, BT&T’s bar scene turned out to look a bit too cheesy even for me. So, I swung by Townhouse in an attempt to try their upscale burger for the first time. No seats available in the cozy bar, but it sure smelled good. I then thought about donbui’s Bella Piatti or Forest Grill, but I didn’t want to further adventure in the weather. So, over to Tallulah. An admirable first (rather than third) choice, but I hadn’t been planning to have to dip into the kid’s college fund when originally setting out to eat.

              To save money I just ordered their Charcuterie Trio. The three could be either pates, or artisan American country hams. Would have liked a mix, but that would have required charm on my part, or a la carte charges. I went with the pates: chicken liver mousse, rabbit roulettes and “country” pate. I’m not a pate expert, so I won’t attempt to analyze them other than to say I found the taste, texture and appearance of each to be wonderful. Sorry, I know that’s totally lame. The chilled portions were surprisingly generous, perhaps 7oz each.

              They were served with small accompaniments of marinated onions, pickle slices and kind of a fresh kraut. There was an excellent but unnecessary Dijon mustard, as well. This delightfully came with a warm batard and homemade mini English muffins. Grand total: $15mp --hams would have been $18. I understand others’ reports from Tallulah where they sometimes felt a bit short changed, but I couldn’t have been happier with my dish.

              Unfortunately, I found out Tallulah no longer serves weekend brunch. May be old news, but it was a bummer to me. Time to get back in line at Beverly Hills Grill.