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Sep 18, 2010 09:07 AM

What to do with foie gras

I recieved a can of 7oz of fois gras as a gift. Wondering what to do with it.

Generally I think of it as sliced and lightly seared...and then what??

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  1. Pair with brioche and a fruit compote - rhubarb is good, fig is good, cherries are excellent. Nuts work well, especially almonds in combination with cherries.

    1. You can do it as you've suggested and make a beautiful port/tarragon reduction. It lends such a beautiful rich flavor to the foie, and if you make just a touch of infused tarragon 0il, a drizzle of jus and oil is a great "bottom" for the foie.
      Otherwise, we like it stuffed into fig halves or dates, and baking, serving with a really light scatter of goat cheese or bleu cheese.

      1. Soak some prunes in armangac and then fill with the fois gras. The call them kisses I think, I had some from D'Artagnon's. Very tasty.

        1. Are you talking about cooked Foie Gras that is canned? If so further cooking is not a good idea. Use as you would a Terrine de foie gras.

          1. Was just going to ask about canned foie gras. You gotta give us more information. If it's raw, then torchon it.

            If it's a pate, well, there's not a whole lot else you can do with it except serve it.

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              Duly noted. It appears to be cooked. As mentioned I think its basically a terrine. If so, simply serve it like a pate de foie.