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Sep 18, 2010 09:01 AM

Olive oil anyone?

Found some good old threads about olive oil but thought I would start a new one. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of oils at the specialty markets and never seem to buy the right one. I like a nice oil without a strong taste for tossing pasta with a little garlic and parmesan and dipping bread. Any suggestions? Same goes for balsamic. So many choices.

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  1. I have two EVOs that I like - and it sounds like our tastes may be similar (I don't like it to taste too "grassy") I like Sagra Tradizionale and San Guiliani (organic, although the reg. one is good too). I buy my 3L Sagra at Tosi's on Main and my San G at Santa Barbara on Commercial Drive

    1. Try O Olive Oil's EVO, it has a milder more buttery taste than most european oils.