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Sep 18, 2010 06:14 AM

How far in advance to make restaurant reservations in Lima?

How far in advance do Limenos usually make (and how far in advance do restaurants take) reservations in Lima? Is it the kind of place where most people just make reservations the day of/day before, or more like a week before, or even a month before (like some places here in NYC) -- or not at all? We'll probably be visiting some of the established places (Raphael, Sonia's, Chez Wong, Toshiro's, Salon Capon, Astrid y Gaston), and hopefully some new hot spots (El Mercado, maybe Panchita's), as well as some cevicherias that I've read don't even take reservations so its not an issue (Pescados Capitales, La Mar).

Any advice is appreciated! We don't mind being the losers who dine early, as long as we get to eat!

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  1. Try not to eat ONLY in the places that get a lot of press or are mentioned in the guidebooks. Throw in a hole in the wall for comparison. And be sure to have the pollo a la brasa somewhere along the way

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      Oh we will -- just no point in trying to make reservations for those!

    2. Highly recommend El Mercado. Exceptional, so much better than La Mar, IMO.

      El Mercado takes reservations till 1:30 PM. After that it's first come first serve, and the wait is long.

      The other restaurants we visited, La Gloria <great appetizers, main courses so-so> Huanca Pucllana <Excellence all around> and Restaurante Rafael <Fabuloso and delicious> take reservations up to 2 weeks in advace for dinner.

      I would guess other restaurants in Lima follow the same lead.

      Enjoy your trip

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        Thank you!
        I actually was not wowed by El Mercado -- guess we didn't order right (preferred Pescados Capitales), but Rafael was one of the highlights of the trip for sure. MUCH better than Astrid y Gaston. I'll have to get around to posting a trip report...

        We were however very glad we reserved in advance -- just about everywhere we ate got jam packed! Limeños know how to eat!