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Sep 17, 2010 11:53 PM

Where to get "Samson's Pita Pockets"?

Hey all. While dining at a kosher place recently I saw that their pitas came frozen in a large box marked "Samson's Pita Pockets" - and it had the look of a local shipment.

Anyone know where these are made? Google hasn't turned up much.


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    1. re: BigBrother

      It is made by a company called Angel Bakeries in Israel.

      1. re: 4betshove

        Not quite. There's no way they could get them here quickly enough for anything resembling a reasonable price :). That said, we *did* manage to track them down!! They can be purchased at Holy Land Market in the LES.

        Thanks all!

    2. Angels bakery carteret new jersay I WORK RIGHT THERE is the same company from israel its a family company