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Sep 17, 2010 11:11 PM

The Mmoon (baked empanadas), Downtown San Jose report w/ pics - Recommended!

I highly recommend everyone to try The Mmoon. It's New, Clean, & they make Good & Cheap Empanadas!!

We went on Mexico's Independence Day Thurs 9/16/10 and it was pretty quiet in the restaurant. It's next to Britannia Arms & across the street from Amici's on W. Santa Clara St.

All the empanadas are 4" which are Small, just get More to try. Baked, Not Fried. I'm a big eater & 3 was a good amount, I think I could eat 4 easily. I think 3 plus a salad would be good. The dough is from Argentina - very light & flaky - it's good. Be Careful because when it comes out of the oven & brought to you it's HOT!! Wait a bit before biting into it, or split it open to let the steam out.

We tried:
Beef Tri-Tip $2.30 - Harris Ranch single ground tri-tip w/ grilled onions, provolone, tomato, olive & a little bit of hard boiled egg.

Chicken $2.30 - Boneless, skinless dark chicken meat, grilled & hand diced w/ artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes & cheese.

Corn $1.90 - Petite sweet white corn, onion & cheese.

Spinach $1.90 - Spinach blended w/ fresh provolone cheese.

Banapple $1.90 - Sweet empanada filled w/ banana & apple sauteed in buttered brown sugar, infused w/ maple syrup & lightly dusted w/ powdered sugar.

We liked them all. Next time will try the other 3 empanadas: ham & cheese $2.30; Sausage $2.30; & Pizza $2.30. Saladas are Romaine Lettuce $3.25 or Mixed Greens $3.25.

Sauces - got only 1 container of Signature Blended Churri Sauce - I could have used more, maybe I'll ask for another container next time. It wasn't spicy, very nice.

Other sauce for empanada or salad: Ranch Dressing or Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Drinks: Soda from fountain $1.75; Bottle Juice Squeeze $2..Lemonade, Passion Mango, Wild Berry. Bottle Iced Tea $2; Bottle Water, Coffee $1.30.

Beer & Wine - for consumption in store only

Budweiser, Bud Light $3.25

Corona, Shock Top..Sierra Nevada, Stella Artois $3.75

Sutter Home Chardonnay, Merlot $4 (mini bottle (187ml)

Separate bathrooms outside by the patio on the Right - another set of doors.

Credit cards taken.

Hrs: 11am-9pm Mon-Sun


Britannia Arms
1087 S De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129

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  1. looks good--what's the seating like?

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      Plenty of seating in the inside dining area about 20 two-top tables and there's a nice outdoor patio (heat lamp available too). Attached some pics.

    2. We ordered 8 empanadas, which then qualified us for a "discount." Instead of around 17 it was 14$ . The restaurant is new and clean and a fun atmosphere. A great snack when you are a little hungry. Crispy thin flaky pastry and tasty fillings. Each empanada is 4 inches long. So a couple with a salad would be a nice lunch.