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Sep 17, 2010 08:33 PM

College friend coming to NY for theatre district birthday lunch with her 9-year-old

My friend lives in LA and makes a very good living (cost of lunch is not an issue) and has a refined palate. She is coming to NYC for 36 hours and is bringing her 9-year-old to see Billy Elliot (W. 45th between Broadway and 8th). She wants to have lunch beforehand and wants my advice. Quite frankly, I find that most Theatre District restaurants are mediocre, at best. Is there an amazing restaurant where we can have lunch not too far from the theatre? Thank you for your help and advice.

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    1. re: daffyduck

      For search purposes, please note that is is Bernardin, not Bernadin.

      1. re: gutsofsteel

        sorry about that, it was a typo thanks or the correction.
        i also like aquavit which sort of near there, but ive never tried them for lunch.

      2. re: daffyduck

        I certainly hope it's a very sophisticated and well-behaved 9-year-old if they end up at Le Bernardin!

        1. re: City Kid

          I took a 7 year old to EMP not long ago and we had a wonderful time. It really depends on the kid.

          1. re: gutsofsteel

            Did you do lunch or dinner? We were thinking about taking our daughter for lunch, before the change in menu, but now we're rethinking that.

      3. Thanks for posting everyone. Apologies for being quiet - I did not receive any email notifications from Chowhound so I thought that no one had replied to my post.

        I've never been to Le Bernardin but my first thought is that this restaurant might be a bit stuffy. Can anyone comment on that?

        I was thinking of either maybe something a little bit hip/trendy OR maybe an "old school" New York place like Keen's (for the mini-tour that the host will give) or 21 (I know neither are in the Theatre District).

        Another time when the kids came, we went to Pastis and sat outside. The kids (and adults) liked that place.


        Le Bernardin
        155 W. 51st St., New York, NY 10019