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Sep 17, 2010 07:07 PM

Hawaiian-Style Thanksgiving

This year I have decided to do a Hawaiian themed Thanksgiving (seeing as we are stationed in Pearl Harbor). This will be my 3rd Thanksgiving but I am up for any challenge. I would like to keep the traditional elemnets but am open to authentic Hawaiian additions. Looking for recipes on this theme for:

-Potato (I don't think I want to do poi but perhaps something else?)
-2 vegetables
-2 appetizers
-cranberry suace
-2 desserts (I was thinking maybe a Kona chocolate bread pudding?)

I love lilikoi (passionfruit) and would love to find a place for it. Please include recipes. Mahalo!

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  1. Sunset has a Hawaiian Thanksgiving Menu:
    * Guava-Lime Coolers
    * Steamed Mahimahi Laulau
    * Hawaiian-Portuguese Smoked Turkey
    * Hawaiian-Portuguese Turkey Gravy
    * Portuguese Sausage Dressing
    * Okinawa Sweet Potatoes
    * Green Salad with Papaya-seed Dressing
    * Coconut Pudding Triangles
    * Macadamia Nut Tart

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    1. When I was growing up in Hawaii, we really didn't do anything very different except add rice. We eat rice with everything. I'll take a stab at it and may post more stuff later.

      Kalua the turkey...I liked it, but miss the gravy. Might want to prepare gravy on the side...not from a packet. Roast bones and veggies. Some places kalua turkeys or rent out their imu.

      Stuffing...add portugese sausage...or maybe do a riff on "fried" rice stuffing

      I got nothing on the potato...we like our mashed potato traditional. Don't forget the sweet potato. We definitely like that.

      Instead of straight up cranberry sauce, add some pineapple juice and dried mango to the cranberries when boiling.

      Try a passionfruit mousse brazilian style. Very easy. R Fields sells pureed passion fruit. It's sooo good. Another good recipe is to take old banana bread and soak it in a chocolate custard. Chocolate banana bread pudding. It's to die for. Passion fruit ice cream is really good too.

      Hawaii appetizers would be poke and sashimi. If that's not up your alley, then maybe consider fried lumpia.

      Local, local Hawaiians are not that huge on veggies outside of lau lau leaves. Have you noticed that our version of salad is macaroni salad? I'm not talking about Hawaii regional cuisine. I'm talking about the way real locals eat. So I'd say skip the Hawaiian veggie route and just go to the farmers market and pick up some gorgeous produce. Maybe some Dean Sakamoto Nalo greens. Personally, I always did brussel sprouts or my dad's favorite stir fry with pieces of ham (cut from the freshly roasted one), sugar snap peas, kahuku corn, and red bell peppers.

      1. I guess I was looking for less of a traditional Hawaiian feast and for just a riff on Thanksgiving with Hawaiian flavors I enjoy.

        That being said, the cranberry with mango or pineapple sounds good. I am not a big fan of Portuguese sausage so that won't work, same things with the Haupia pudding. The banana bread pudding is a great idea though!

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          Have you had kalua turkey? Most people really like it. There's something called Ono Ono salt. It's a seasoning with Hawaiian flavors. We roast and bbq a lot of things with that. It might be good to put it in the butter baste for the turkey. Also, the passion fruit mousse is very, very good. I live in Florida now and people drive all over looking for places that do it. It uses sweetened condensed milk which is another Hawaii favorite. However, like I said Hawaiian Thanksgivings are pretty much like any other Thanksgiving with the exception of the apps and dessert and the white sticky rice.

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            Maybe I will try the kalua turkey. And although that lilikoi mousse sounds good, I am thinking of making a cheesecake with it instead. Maybe with a macadamia nut crust? I was looking around on the internet and found a recipe for Mango Glazed turkey that looked great too. I am hoping to use a lot of local ingredients since I am living in Hawaii now.

            1. re: AmandaCA

              Passionfruit cheesecake with macnut crust is really, really good. R. Fields sells a version.

            2. re: jindomommy

              where can you get passionfruit puree in florida?

              or anywhere in dc area?

          2. When I grew up in hawaii in the 50, 60, 70 swe did the traditional amerian turkey with gravy, but there was alway another turkey that was done chinese style (char sui) or portugese style (vinha dos). Sometimes we had taro instead mashed potatoes and yams. Had the normal veggies and other side dishes including rice and mac salad. During these times there was a push to be more american than hawaiian because of statehood.
            Now christmas and new years are a different srory...

            1. There's a thread going on about lemon swirl cheesecake. You could substitute the lemon curd for passion fruit curd.

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              1. re: jindomommy

                That would be really easy to do. Thanks!