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Sep 17, 2010 05:36 PM

where to buy kabocha squash

Where can I buy kabocha squash around the Lexington area?


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  1. Not sure about Lexington, but Ebisuya in Medford may have it.

    1. Did you try H Mart in Burlington? I saw some there last week.

      1. I saw them in WholeFoods Woburn last winter. This season's squash is coming out now. If you still can't find them, maybe you can wait for another few weeks.

        1. Yeah, not Lexington area, but in case you strike out locally and absolutely need kabocha, it is sold in the larger Chinese markets (CMart, Kam Man). Kabocha was 48 cents/lb today at CMart in Boston.

          1. The first kabochas of the season turned up in my southern Indiana farmers market today, so you might have to wait a bit in your area.