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Sep 17, 2010 05:35 PM

Best country for dinner at Epcot?

I'm looking for recommendations for dining at Epcot at one of the countries. I'll be with my family (no kids). We'll eat anything. What are the best places to go? Thanks!

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  1. Here's a website that might help you decide. It's, an unofficial Disney guide done by Deb. There are actual reviews of each restaurant so you can decide. The English pub, Rose and Crown, is super-popular for dinner because it supposedly has the best view of the night-time, outdoor fireworks, Illuminations. When I went online at Disneyworld's reservation page, I was surprised to see that the place was booked - 3 months in advance! I managed to move my dinner plans by a few days. Hope this helps.

    1. It all depends on what you may feel up too.

      What I find is that most of the countries have 2 restaurants, one on the lower end and one on the higher end. The lower end is great if you decide to drink around the world, getting small nibbles or plates but your looking for more of the higher end for dinner.

      Here's a few of the restaurants I find not worthy.

      Biergarten - Germany - German buffet/ dishes with musical show. This place is fun, the show is wonderful and the food is good, however this is not a romantic place or a place to be serious about food, it's more of a party place. Beers as large as your head.

      Le Cellier Steakhouse - Canada. This is a solid steakhouse. It may not be the most intriguing of the restaurants but if your craving steak this is perfect.

      Restaurant Marrakesh - Morocco - This place is pretty neat, I love the brewat rolls and the lamb, and there are belly dancers for entertainment.

      France has both Les Chefs de France and Bistro de Paris. Bistro de Paris is romantic and Les Chefs de France seems elegant. Both wonderful restaurants. Also interesting to note that Jérôme, Bocuse is the manager of Les Chefs de France, the son of Paul Bocuse of the famous Bocuse D'or

      Teppan Edo - Japan - It's kinda like benihana's or Kobe, It's good but it really doesn't have the intrigue that some of the others do.

      Via Napoli - Italy - This is worth a mention because this is Epcot's New restaurant. and its getting great word of mouth over here. Personally I haven't been but a friend of mine had with a season pass has now gone to Epcot twice just to eat there.

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        I've been lucky enough, as a life-long Floridian, to have eaten at every restaurant / counter service available at Epcot. I've had some pretty good meals, and some really awful ones. IMHO, the best of the choices that Epcot has to offer are: Le Cellier, Rose & Crown, and Les Chefs de France. All three offer solid dining choices, well-made, and well seasoned. Be forewarned, though. Le Cellier and Rose & Crown reservations are VERY popular, and thus, VERY hard to get. Les Chefs de France reservations are pretty much always available. At Le Cellier, try the wild mushroom risotto, seaonal sorbets, and/or the lump crab & sweet corn custards. At Rose & Crown, I like the Yorkshire Dales, chicken & mushroom pie, and the sticky toffee pudding. At Chef de France, definitely try the soup de jour if it's cream of vegetable. Delicious! I also enjoy the Gruyere mac & cheese, the chacuterie plate, as well as the creme brulee (boring, but always good).

        For a "different" kind of meal, I'd probably recommend Restaurant Marrakesh or Teppan Edo (aka wannabe-Benihana). At Marrakesh, the lamb tagine is nice and the bastilla dessert is just amazing and light. At Edo, any options is good since none are really heavily seasoned as they're grilled. The flavor comes mostly from the dipping sauces.

        For reduced prices, try to have a late lunch (I think the latest reservation they can give you is 3PM). The lunch menu options are almost identical to those offered at dinner.

        Hope this helps!!!

        Avoid the Biergarten, San Angel Inn, & Liberty Inn restaurants, if you can. San Angel & Liberty Inn aren't terrible, but for Mexican and "Amercian" food, you can do WAY better for WAY cheaper. Seriously. Biergarten is just plain bad. I decided to give it one more chance this past weekend, and both my mom and I were sick to our stomachs. The food was dry, overccoked, greasy, and/or pretty much tasteless. It was hands-down one of the worst meals I've ever had anywhere.

        1. re: rgcblackie

          Can I respectfully disagree? We always eat at Biergarten at Epcot and if you have kids it is hands down the best option. German food is pretty basic anyway (this coming from someone with a German Mom) so you can get what you expect. I just wanted to give an alternative viewpoint. Plus it is the best show of the options and the giant beers are always appreciated. Maybe you've been to Germany in person so your comparisons are higher? If you are there without kids, I'd do one of the France locations.

          Tickey-tockey-tickey-tockey oy, oy, oy!!!!

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            Since I've never been to Germany, I can't honestly tell if the food at the Biergarten is authentically seasoned and / or cooked. The only thing I think I can comment on is taste. And it was truly...truly...truly bad. Bland and "basic" I can deal with. Actually, I think I would have welcomed that last Sunday afternoon. The dishes we had were just poorly prepared. Enough so that BOTH my mom and I were sick to our stomachs. The two couples sitting at our table also had less than kind remarks about the food. So I know it wasn't just us. And no show, however wonderful or entertaining, was enough to have saved that meal.

            Having been fortunate enough to have shared a veritable feast with you, however, I know that your culinary taste is impecable (fava beans aside). So I will agree to disagree with you, and look forward to our next Chowhound dinner where we will be able to enjoy more tasty delights.