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Concord NH Lunch

ALLDAYYY Sep 17, 2010 05:02 PM

Looking for somewhere for lunch in Concord. Maybe a hidden gem. Dont need anything fancy just something really good, was thinking of Dos Amigos Burritos, but I would like to hear other options


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  1. d
    dfrostnh RE: ALLDAYYY Sep 19, 2010 03:29 AM

    If you want soup, sandwich and/or salad, In A Pinch Cafe. They have two locations. Order at the counter but there are tables available for those not doing take-out. There are two locations. The original up by the high school on Pleasant St is small. The one on Pillsbury St is a bit hard to find. You park in the back and use the rear entrance to the office building. http://www.inapinchcafe.com/

    Bread and Chocolate is a bakery on South Main St next to Gibson's book store. When I just want to grab a sandwich, I get one of their pre-made sandwiches. I don't know if they will make a sandwich to order. There are a few tiny tables if you want to eat in. Their bread is wonderful. The only problem with choosing a dessert item is what to choose.

    Across the street there's a small buffet of hot foods inside the Concord Food Coop. Changes every day. A few tables. I haven't eaten there in quite some time, just usually a quick stop for grocery items.

    But, if you feel like very rare roast beef sandwich with bbq sauce and a side of onion rings or cole slaw, Beefside on Manchester St is good.

    106 Manchester St, Concord, NH 03301

    1. l
      lexpatti RE: ALLDAYYY Sep 20, 2010 07:12 AM

      on my list (when in Concord or passing through) is the so-called awesome Dim Sum place on Loudon Rd that everyone is raving about:
      Sunshine Oriental

      I can't wait!!!

      I used to live in Concord, dfrost's comments are great ones!! I love that Coop too.

      1. edinaeats RE: ALLDAYYY Sep 20, 2010 05:00 PM

        Madeleines 124 N. Main St., Concord (603) 224-5353 across from State House, wonderul soups, quiche

        1. j
          jwentworth RE: ALLDAYYY Oct 13, 2010 10:53 AM

          The best hidden gem for lunch is easily The Sandwich Depot. 49 Hall St, Concord, NH

          Also if you want a great "upscale" sandwich, try Butters (A specialty cheese store), but be prepared to spend upwards of $10 on a sandwich. Obviously not something I get every day, but it is pretty damn tasty.

          Sandwich Depot
          49 Hall St, Concord, NH 03301

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          1. re: jwentworth
            wongadon RE: jwentworth Oct 13, 2010 06:35 PM

            Sandwich Depot is also a great hidden breakfast spot!

            Sandwich Depot
            49 Hall St, Concord, NH 03301

            1. re: wongadon
              dfrostnh RE: wongadon Oct 14, 2010 04:32 AM

              Gosh, it's been so long since I've had lunch out, I forgot about the Sandwich Depot. Great suggestion.

              Sandwich Depot
              49 Hall St, Concord, NH 03301

            2. re: jwentworth
              lexpatti RE: jwentworth Oct 17, 2010 06:27 PM

              Does the Sandwich Depot have Salads too?

              Sandwich Depot
              49 Hall St, Concord, NH 03301

              1. re: lexpatti
                jwentworth RE: lexpatti Oct 18, 2010 11:31 AM

                Yes they do. My wife loves them. They are quite large. Also be sure to try their Chocolate Chip cookies.

              2. re: jwentworth
                T.B. RE: jwentworth Feb 21, 2011 05:16 PM

                Just wanted to thank y'all for the pointer to Sandwich Depot. We needed lunch in Concord today and they came through with good sandwiches and soup. Nice folks; we even got free chocolate-chip cookies for decoding the Morse code on the back of the menu.

                Sandwich Depot
                49 Hall St, Concord, NH 03301

                1. re: T.B.
                  dfrostnh RE: T.B. Feb 22, 2011 03:42 AM

                  Nice to get feedback on recommendations.

              3. s
                susan jr RE: ALLDAYYY Oct 18, 2010 06:40 PM

                I've been hearing about In a Pinch for years, and finally had the time to stop in today for lunch at the one near the high school. It didn't give the appearance of being very clean and had that old house smell.

                I had the chicken mushroom tarragon soup which was pretty good but was a little heavy on the tarragon. My companion had a cup of the Sweet Potato Soup. It was inedible. First of all , I am certain it was made from canned sweet potatoes, was very heavy on the sugar, and was as thick as a scoop of sweet potato- not a soup at all. I brought it back to the counter and said that we were unable to eat it, and she said "okay". No offer of a substitution, cash refund, or even an apology; just "okay".

                I had the Turkey and Bleu Cheese Panini. It was just okay. I asked if they made their own bread and she said that it was made elsewhere. I thought it may be from Pigs Fly or Borealis, so I asked specifically where it was from. Her only comment was that it was from a supplier. It was white and commercial.

                The desserts looked pretty good, but there was a pumpkin whoopie pie that had to be 8 inches in diameter! It was big enough for a whole family.

                I don't think I'll go back.

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                1. re: susan jr
                  dfrostnh RE: susan jr Oct 19, 2010 04:57 AM

                  Now I'll have to try those soups to see if I agree. I usually get the Italian sandwich because I like it so much.

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