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Sep 17, 2010 03:40 PM

Bitter Truth Products

Does anyone know where one might find Bitter Truth bitters in the greater twin cities area? Specifically looking for celery bitters. Just purchased some Fee Brothers, but would like to get my hands on some Bitter Truth.

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  1. i do not know. but i have wanted one of their bitters travel packs. a sophisticated secret agent needs one of those in their luggage for when they are posted outside of civilized channels.

    1. There are not any good bitters locally that I am aware of. I ended up mail ordering mine. I've also heard from stores that the Bitter Truth is particularly anal about who sells their stuff.

      This place does not have the bitter truth, but they have Scrappy's (including celery), and shipping is free if you spend $35. I ordered a few from there :

      If anyone has seen any decent bitters around here (not including Fee, and I already have the usual suspects Regan, Angastura, Peychauds) I would greatly appreciate it.

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        I know this is months old, but I just noticed a some eyedropper-sized bottles of Bittercube bitters on the shelf at Solo Vino today.

        Apparently they are a new line of craft bitters with local roots: one of the partners/brewmasters is Nick Kosevich, who was the bartender at Town Talk when Tim Nivers and Aaron Johnson were doing really cool stuff there.