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Sep 17, 2010 03:32 PM

30" Dual -Fuel Range - GE Cafe, Jenn-Air or Electrolux - please help me decide!

I'm looking at the above three brands and am having trouble deciding.

The GE Cafe has some very nice features (second oven option with warming drawer, porcelain racks for self-cleaning, knobs that must be pushed in to turn burners on seem like a good idea with small children. However, I"m a bit concerned about the service reputation for GE products (you must use an authorized repair-person which can be slow and expensive) and also the 5th "oval" burner in the center seems to "push" the other four burners out closer to the edges which seems like it could be a problem if your cooking with a big stockpot, etc. I've also heard that the casings around the knobs can get quite hot and in some cases melt.

The Jenn-Air and Electrolux have both been recommended by friends/family and the appliance stores I've been to. and both seem good. I'm a bit concerned about the Electrolux having too many preprogrammed options, electronic bells and whistles that I won't use and are just more things to have go wrong. The Jenn-Air seems like a good choice but Consumer Reports gives them a pretty poor/middle of the road rating which is causing me to second guess them.

Any comments or feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. Where do you live? What service options do you have? With your username and need for a dual fuel range I'm guessing your live off grid in Hawaii or the Caribbean.

    While I don't have experience with the dual-fuel ranges, I'm working with my Mom to replace a Jenn-Aire cartridge cooktop that can't be serviced any longer. It seemed like she was always buying replacement cartridges for that cooktop so, I would not consider the Jenn-Aire a good option. Electrolux to me is too unknown at this point in time. They have a lot of features and "flash" but, what about long term reliability and maintenance?

    GE has been around a long time and will likely be around long into the future. With higher sales volume, service options should be greater and cheaper.

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      I'm actually in Vancouver, Canada so not as off the grid as my name implies

    2. I'm more confused than ever now. Two more options to add to the mix: Bosch duel fuel or I've just seen a great offer on a Viking gas range.

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        I didn't use a Bosch dual-fuel range in Europe but, the electric ones I used sure cooked nice.

        Depending on the specific Viking model, some can be a real pain to clean.

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          Several reviews on Viking and Thermador ranges (some dual-fuel and some all gas) have been posted by others at Honest Appliance Reviews website. There is also a review on the 48" Dacor dual-fuel. It also comes in a 30" model, I believe.

        2. Just got an electrolux electric and I am very happy with it.

          1. Hi islandgirl -

            I can't help you with the dual fuel, I have an all gas GE Cafe. You might have seen my comments on this unit elsewhere on CH so I won't repeat them all but as to your concern about the 5th burner pushing the others to the edge - I regularly use very large stock pots and pans and have never had a problem. I think the designers just used the cooktop space very efficiently. There is no loss in size and function of the outer 4 burners. (OK, I'll repeat one comment - yes, the knobs can get hot when the oven is on a high setting - and yes, the collars around the knobs can melt. I had to get my dealer to obtain a new set of them for me. Definite design flaw.)

            1. I'm facing the same tough choice now...Bosch/Electrolux...great deals on Wolf now. What did you end up choosing and how is it working out for you?

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                I actually had to put our renovation on hold and so haven't yet purchased a range. Now our reno is set to go ahead in a few months so I'm back shopping. Haven't made a decision yet.
                It sounds like each option has pros and cons and people who love or hate them!
                I'll keep you posted if I make a choice...