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Chowhound in Buffalo - what not to miss

Hi there,

Do you have any suggestions for must visit:

- Gourmet, unique or ethnic grocers/food shops

- kitchen stores (gadgets, dinnerware etc)

- cookbook stores

- diners / dives

- restaurants

and finally, where are the best wings?

thanks so much

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  1. Breakfast? Original Pancake House-Main St.-Williamsville

    1. Sponge Candy: Alethea's in Amherst/Clarence

      Ted's Hot Dogs (order a foot long with everything, and "burn it", get onion rings). Local Chain. 8 locations in Buffalo area

      Wings: Elmos on Millersport near UB Amherst Campus for large, crispy excellent wings. Duffs for more saucy excellent wings.

      Schwabl's for Beef on Weck

      Schwabl's Restaurant
      789 Center Rd, Buffalo, NY 14224

      1. Well, go to BarBill's in East Aurora and get both wings and beef of wek - one stop shopping. Boce Club Pizza has been recommended to you before and unless you want something more than local cuisine, that will do you this visit.
        If you want an idea of what is available, look at http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/restaurant...

        1. Lake Effect Diner on Main Street in North Buffalo is a great diner choice, probably best for breakfast.
          Betty's on Virginia in Allentown isn't really a diner, but has great breakfasts and lunches in an old, beautifully renovated brick house. Fresh and tasty food for very reasonable prices.

          Bar Bill in East Aurora should be your choice for wings and Beef on 'Weck, and could also satisfy your "dive" interest. Be prepared to wait for a table if there's a hockey or football game on.
          Ulrich's on Virginia in the downtown area is another good "dive" spot, with good German food, decent wings (not on Friday nights, when the fryer is dedicated to fish fry), and a very authentic, local Buffalo atmosphere.
          Gabriel's Gate on Allen in Allentown has the best wings in the city, and maintains a bar-ish atmosphere, despite a large menu.

          Mulberry's in Lakawanna is the best Italian around - homemade pastas, mozzarella, sauces. Also has long waits.
          For upscale Italian, Lomabardo's on Hertel is a solid choice.
          Tempo on Delaware in Allentown has consistently excellent food, largely French-inspired, if you're looking for a splurge meal (and in Buffalo, "splurge" is not too bad).

          Lake Effect Diner
          3165 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

          1. Thanks very much everyone. I'll be looking up these spots online this weekend and mapping routes. I really appreciate your help.

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              Anderson's frozen custard, several locations- Don't miss loganberry ( a drink), Premier Wine and Gourmet shop on Delaware ( kitchen gagets and etoh).

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                Is there a good Latin American grocer in town? I'm looking for Vigo brand paella. In the box is a can of seafood and a bag of seasoned rice. It is sooo delicious so please help out this desperate 'Hounder!!

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                  Any new info in 2011 on possible Latin American grocery availability?

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                    Did you try Wegmans? Their city store on Amherst st might carry it. They have a lot of different ethnic food items and the selection varies from store to store. Or possibly the Preimier gourmet store. I found the beer from the brewery in the little town in Germany where my hubby was stationed there. Some times both they and Wegmans will order things in for you too.

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                      Thank you, I will try there. Vigo has some products that compete with Goya, but Vigo's paella is the one I'm after.

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                  rkaene, thanks for this tip...I've added this Premier location to our list. We'd only been to their other location in Williamsville before but this sounds much better w the Gourmet shop as well!!

              2. The Elmwood village (elmwood ave) has lots of great foodie destinations., The Globe Market, Lexington Coop, Penzey's Spices, The new olive oil store(if you google olive oil store, buffalo, NY you should get the Buffalo Rising article) Delish, lots of neat boutiques, a bit farther down on Sat am is the Bidwell Farmers market, farther down still the Burchfield Penny gallery has a great little lunch place,

                Gurceios on Grant street is a nice little Italian market

                The North Tonawanda City Market is a great farmers market. There is one in Williamville too by the Mill, not very big but some interesting venders, There is also a store by the mill that sells all local artisian foods....I am blanking on the name of it, but you might find it on ediblebuffalo,com

                Betty's is awesome (bettysbuffalo.com) for breakfast and lunch, I have heard they do a nice dinner as well, but haven't been

                other good restaurants - Harry's Harbor place, The Left Bank, Shengo (they are supposed to have an awesome Sunday brunch too, but I haven't beeen

                Ohhhh and you have to go to the big Wegman's on Sheridan (unless you have been in one before, it's one awesome grocery store

                Thesausageguys.com make the best fresh sausage in town, they are at alot of the farmers markets (i know they are at the one in Tonawanda and Williamsville, but I don't know if they go to Bidwell) the Avenue boys are at Tonawanda too and they make delish smoked sausages.

                Duffs beat out the Anchor Bar in a big wing challenage last year (AB is where they originated)

                I will probably think of a ton more places once I hit send, but thats all for now! I hope you have a great trip, Buffalo is a fun city to visit

                Left Bank
                511 Rhode Island St, Buffalo, NY 14213

                Globe Market
                762 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

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                  Thank-you so much, these are fabulous suggestions!! I love Penzey's and am thrilled to learn they're now in Buffalo! I looked up the olive oil place, its called D'Avolio in case other hounds are interested. We'll definitely check this out too....sounds like Elmwood Village is a great spot to visit.

                  Harry's Harbor looks great, reminds me a little of the Riverside in Lewiston, we'll definitely make a stop here and I can't wait to check out that Wegmans. I love Wegmans and always make a stop to pick out items that we can't get here in Toronto but we've never been to the one on Sheridan Drive. We're going to Trattoria Aroma for lunch one day during our visit so we'll head to that Wegmans afterwards.

                  I really appreciate your help...thanks again!

                  Trattoria Aroma
                  311 Bryant St, Buffalo, NY 14222

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                    "Ohhhh and you have to go to the big Wegman's on Sheridan".
                    Yes sounds great!