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Sep 17, 2010 03:17 PM

beans in the pressure cooker?

The first time I cooked garbanzos in the pressure cooker, it was a revelation! Since then I've obliterated other types of beans, never able to guess the right amount of time. Are you a seasoned pro? How long do you cook different types of beans in the pressure cooker - specifically white beans that have been soaked?

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  1. I recommend you have a look at the book "Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure" by Lorna Sass. She has a table in there that tells you all the times for cooking various sorts of beans, soaked and unsoaked. For soaked navy beans (which I'm assuming is what you mean by white beans) she recommends three to four minutes at high pressure, provided that after cooking you let the pressure come down to normal on its own.

    1. Bean in a PC is the only way I'm doing them now. I have adopted the presoak method which helps get my texture right.

      Here's a site with cooking times for different bean types

      1. Got this from some Brazilian site. The general scheme is FIRST to pour boiling water over the dry beans and soak them for about 15 min. Then drain and put them in the pressure cooker with lots of water and a tablespoon of oil (cuts down foaming) (btw, NO SALT), bring to pressure, and cook for 20 minutes. Quick release the pressure and check the beans. If you need a bit more time, do this and remember it for the future. If too mushy, cut 5 minutes off the time on the next iteration. 20 min works for rosadas and black beans, prob need a touch more time for larger beans. Easy.

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          The 15 soak in boiling water is similar to the overnight soak in cold water. They both have the same effect on the bean prior to cooking and can be used interchangeably prior to cooking by stove top, oven or pressure cooker.